10 Questions to ask your destination wedding photographer in southern California

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Wedding is very important unique event in couple’s life. One thing is sure that when you attend friends or relatives weddings you observe all the things and always says yourself that my wedding will be better than this. Some people dream and plan about destination wedding. Yes this is a brilliant idea and choosing perfect and best destination is also very important. And now a day’s lots of people choose southern California Napa valley Los angles. This is great destination for you weddings. 
                 One thing is also very important i.e. photographer who will catch your best moment in that camera. Well sometimes people makes photographer to their one of friend or any one from relatives. These moves will not going to work for you. For perfect pictures and taking breathtaking photos you must have to hire photographer. Again question come that their local photographer is better or wedding photographer in Los Angeles is better. Well if we compare both we will get answer. If you choose local photographer you will have to give him what he requires. He may ask for where he will stay, what food he will consume his travelling charges etc. he will charge less or same compare to destination wedding photographer but other requirements are very costly. You will choose destination not only for wedding but also for honeymoon because of beautiful scenes and places available there. So will your local photographer will spend couple of days more with you. He may charge extra for that. What if he/she will not ready to spend time with you after wedding?  You will have another choice. if photographer is from that particular destination he will charge little bit more but he will know everything about that place he will not only clicks your photos in wedding but also after wedding he will suggest you some places where photos will come good. These breathtaking photos will preserve the memories of your best days in life. 
                  Hiring the best and perfect destination wedding photographer in southern California is very challenging. So for choosing best you can ask them some questions which I sharing here. When you will ask these questions to photographers and if you will get some honest satisfying answers you can hire them. 
1.      First question you can ask him about his experience in this field.  How long you have been in this business. How many weddings so far you have shot? Have you done wedding photography that was similar to mine in size?
2.      How would you describe you photography style. Is it traditional creative or photojournalistic. Will you show me your previous appointments album? 
3.      Can you please tell me how you are different from others when it comes to photography skills? What makes you best among them all? 
4.      Do you have free on that day? And how far in advance I need to book with you? 
5.      What information would you like to get from me? Can I give you list of shots I wanted? 
6.      What type of equipments you will use. And will you have backup for equipments? That is for if some equipments stop working on that day. 
7.      And are you the photographer who will shoot my wedding? Will you have any assistance with you on that day? If you are not the photographer, then who will take the picture and can I meet him personally?
8.      Will you have other event on that day? If my wedding last longer than expected will you still stay? Will you charge extra for that? 
9.      If there is contract needed then how many I will get to review it? What is your refund/ cancellation policy? 
10.  What packages you offer? Can I customize packages according to my needs? What will be the charges for different packages? Will I get any discount?