10 Reasons to Use Automated SEO Tools

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Are you still following the same methods of SEO link building by visiting one site after another to create links? You should stop with this method now. There are many SEO tools in the market that will do this task on your behalf. Together with helping you to create links on different websites, these tools also help you with checking keyword ranking, sending bulk mails and tracking the performance of your website.

It is a popular belief that search engines ban the websites participating in automated link building. The truth is - search engines hate spamming. Not all SEO tools do spam because there are many tools which work as good as human brain. If you get involved in low quality, massive link building, you are sure to get banned - no matter if you use a tool or do it manually. On the other hand, if you use these tools properly and take care of quality, chances are more that you will get better results.

Depending upon their usability and your way of using them, here are ten reasons of using an SEO tool:

1. They Save Your Time:

Need not to say that any software can work faster than human hands. During the time when you create ten links, a tool can create hundreds. On the other hand, these tools perform additional tasks such as checking the keyword position and contacting your prospective clients. Some tools have strong algorithm coded in them which gives them better perfection than human brain.

2. They Make your Work Convenient:

Because these tools have automated functions, they do the tasks in sync, in well mannered order. This makes your SEO work convenient.

3. They Make You Multitasking:

When a tool is doing its job, you are free to focus on other relevant tasks. This way, SEO tools let you do many tasks at the same time.

4. They Do Not Make Mistakes:

Human can make mistakes, but software cannot. These tools are programmed with perfection, and they are coded with great techniques. Therefore, the chances of any error are zero.

5. They Deliver Better Results:

SEO tools are updated at regular interval, thus, they are coded with latest techniques in SEO industry. Therefore, these tools deliver better results than human brain.

6. They Save the Work History:

Making complicated reports is no more a trouble. These tools have powerful functionality of saving your work history and let you download work reports in multiple formats.

7. They ****yze the Data:

SEO tools don't throw links away - they create them after comprehensive ****ysis. You can filter the destination websites on different parameters. Also, they allow you to ****yze the data.

8. They Can Be Scheduled:

If you are going to be engaged in some other task, you can schedule these tools - and they will perform their task on scheduled time. Even you can schedule them to do a particular task on regular interval.

9. They Save your Money:

If you compare the price of SEO tools with the charges of an SEO company, you will find a huge difference. SEO tools are much affordable than SEO companies, thus, they save good amount of money for you.

10. They keep Updating:

It is not the human brain which keeps doing same task again and again. SEO tools have powerful interface and get updated on regular interval, to keep your SEO campaign fresh.

Above mentioned are only a few benefits of SEO tools, there are many more which you may count. In short, using the SEO tools for your marketing purpose is a great technique which solves many issues for you.

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