10 Secrets to Finding a Professional SEO Company in India

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Almost every SEO company in India claims to be the best, but the truth is something else. Most of these companies even do not have the required skills of SEO. They promise you to deliver great results, and promise you to give more clients, but they struggle to get some clients for themselves. This is a bitter part of the story which makes selecting a right SEO company even tougher.

While hiring any SEO company in India, you need them to deliver the results you want - not what they can do. You want them to deliver you better ranking, and you want them to spread your business. Therefore, before you finalize with any company, make sure they have required resources and skills to achieve this target for you. Depending upon your budget and your requirements, here are 10 secrets that will take you toward hiring the proper SEO Company for your campaign. Before you hire any company, make sure they boast following capabilities:

1. Site Evaluation Abilities:

Every SEO campaign starts with evaluating the website. It includes checking the current status of the site and evaluating the need of changes to be made, in website's design, content, structure and performance. Make sure that the SEO Company you hire provides you with the site evaluation guide and also suggest you the changes to be made.

2. Keyword Research:

Most of the SEO companies in India throw away a list of keywords to you without ****yzing them properly. They do not even bother to check whether or not the selected keywords can bring you your desired customers. As keywords play the most crucial role in SEO, make sure that the company does proper keyword research and suggest you something which spreads your business.

3. Link Building Techniques:

Google keeps rolling new updates every now and then, and it keeps changing the way people should make back links. Before you finalize any SEO company in Jaipur, India, ask them about their link building techniques. Whether they are using any tool, or they are making the links manually? Consult properly before finalizing your deal.

4. Cost of Marketing:

Charges of different SEO companies vary a lot, but the strategies remain the same. Most of the times, a company asks you for more money because it is more popular. Still, they follow the same techniques and offer same services as smaller companies. Therefore, compare the prices of a few companies before finalizing one. In most of the cases, selecting a smaller company will be a better choice because they offer personalized services as they want to spread their marketplace.

5. The Timeline:

Though it entirely depends upon the complexity of your keywords, still, ask your SEO company to give an estimated time period when they will deliver you promised results. There are many SEO Companies in India that keep stretching a project because they get monthly payments for that. Make sure that the company delivers its result in time they have promised.

6. Black Hat Vs White Hat SEO:

There are basically two types of SEO techniques popular in the market - black hat SEO and white hat SEO. As the name suggests, white hat SEO is all about following the guidelines and black hat SEO is about breaking them. In most cases, sites involved in black hat get banned by Google. Make sure that your SEO Company strictly follows the search engine guidelines.

7. Targeted Traffic:

Your concern should be more traffic, not just better ranking. However, more traffic can be attracted if you have good rankings. Still, there are some ways by which your SEO Company can increase your website traffic. Ask them to follow such techniques because having more traffic will convert more leads for you.

8. Transparent Deliverables:

A professional SEO company in India will always remain transparent with their deliverables. Still, there are instances when you stuck in middle of the sea because your company shows you some hidden terms and conditions. Make sure that the company offers promised services in your selected SEO package.

9. Reporting:

Ask about the reporting structure of your SEO Company. When you want to remain updated about the progress of your project, it is crucial that you get timely reports. Also ask them about the inclusions in their reports, as well as their support services.

10. Guaranteed Performance:

No one can guarantee about results in SEO, still, a professional SEO company in Jaipur, India will have better chances of delivering what they have promised. Make sure that your SEO Company can guarantee you about results because it is your right to get the value for the money you have spent.

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