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free video editor app

Whether it is users who just post on social media networking platforms for fun or a professional vlogger, people love editing videos for multiple purposes. Actually, this has encouraged many businesses to introduce their own video editor apps. Lately, Apple has introduced its own video editor app called Clips. The app lets its users shoot, edit, and share their creative videos. In fact, there are a couple of other apps that made a huge business.

However, some people think that Clips was a big hit because of Apple’s background. Even if we consider it is true. How long will users tolerate a bad performing app just because it was released by Apple? So that assumption is not entirely right. There is a hell of a lot of other video editing apps that are just as good as Clips. Apps like iMovie and VivaVideo attracted tons and tons of iOS users with their mesmerizing features and simple user interface.

One such app called “Chromavid,” a free video editor app, had been built by us, Multicore Technologies, for one of our clients. The app gives users an easy way to shoot, edit, and share their videos instantly with their circle via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With the help off Chroma Key (A special effect technique to replace the background with eye-catching sceneries), users can create and share creative and funny videos on YouTube as well.

Now, the question that is bothering many entrepreneurs is that will their own video editor app succeed like Clips or fall flat? Well, the answer lies in your app. It depends on what great features you are offering to your users, how easy to use it, and blah blah blah. One more thing to take into consideration is that recently videos have gained a lot of traction. Right from timepass, funny Facebook videos to people who make a business out of it, people are indeed in love with creating and sharing videos with their network.

There is nothing wrong in trying but how effectively you are trying is what makes the difference between success and failure of your app. Questions like “Who is your target audience?” and “What is your niche?” are the first things you should know before you even start building an app. Of course, the answer is a bit obvious. Every user who loves to create videos; no matter what their purpose is.

So for your better understanding, here are our top 3 essential things you should know to build the best video editor app.

1. Know When to Display Ads


Let’s say, you are recording a beautiful scenery and out of nowhere an ad just popped up on your screen. Then what? Obviously, you will be just as mad as you can be. Of course, app monetization is necessary but know when to display ads in your app. Timing is very important. Try displaying ads either as soon as your users open the app or when they exit but not while they are recording or filming something. Situations like these enhance user experience.

2. Make Users Go “Aww” with Fascinating Features


Not just for video editing app, but for any type of mobile app development, the functionality should match the purpose of the app. In this scenario, since you want to target a niche market of video editing app, include every type of editing feature that enhances your user experience. Also, take your users feedback. Ask them what kind of features they would like to see in the app.

3. Let Your App Go Social


Letting your users share their creative videos with their circle via social networking platforms like Facebook and messaging apps like WhatsApp is really needed and also a basic element in any kind of video editing app. In fact, the more social you go, the better it is for your app. Without having to spend on promotions and digital media marketing, your app will be marketed for free by your users. Great.. Right?

The above mentioned are only some of the many essential points that entrepreneurs should consider while building a video editing app. However, customizing the app according to your user’s preferences is what actually makes your app stand out from the crowd.