5 Things that make a good IB school

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In the ever changing world, it helps that you cautiously make your choices. Education is one area in which you need to be extra careful with what you choose. How does International Baccalaureate (IB) sound to you? An interesting and great choice, right? For Singaporeans, IB is becoming a competitive course. It is no wonder many students are not only making enquiries about it, but also enrolling for the programme.    Well, it is not good enough to choose a good course just like IB only to end up in a bad school. In fact, this may be the only reason why getting a job will always be a struggle on your end. Do not worry because this post will lay it bare for you by letting you into 5 things that make a  good IB school.   The school’s IB syllabus All over the world, IB is gradually becoming a top choice for students all the way from their tender age to diploma graduates. What is of interest is the curriculum. While there is a universal set of IB programmes, it varies from one country to another. For instance, some of the parts of a curriculum in Switzerland will be different from some aspects in Singapore. However, the general principles and values remain more or less the same across the board.    The bottom line is to choose a school that offers an IB programme that will give you an international perspective and specifically empower you as an individual learner. By the time you complete the course, you should be able to practically put all you have learned into practice and make your life better.    Faculty members In most cases, the reputation of school teachers could be the difference between selecting it and going for the next option. It is crucial that you scrutinize the qualification and training of the teachers in a particular school. Schools serious with their intention to attract students will not spare anything in trying to bring in experienced and qualified teachers.    As you will come to realize later, you IB teachers will play a crucial role in your learning process and whether or not you pass the course. Good teachers, of course in their area of specialization, will always make a good school.    The school’s passing rate It is not only with IB schools but generally with every choice of a school that you will seek to know the passing rate before you enroll. Nobody wants to join a school known for perennial failing. Your particular focus should be on the IB course and how past students have fared in the course. How did students in the past few years perform in their exams: did they pass or fail? This should form the basis in determining whether this is a good school or not. However, you should be realistic with your expectations since it may be impossible to find a school with 100% pass rate.    Student accommodation To many, student accommodation may not be an issue (after all you will go to school and get back home). However, it becomes a necessity when a school is targeting students from all corners of the world. These students will find themselves in a foreign country whose culture they may not know and worse still, do not know the local language. Making accommodation plans for students will give the school a good name not only in its home country but also across the world.    After-school extracurricular activities It is a popular saying that all work without play makes Jansen a dull boy. While playing is not your intention for going to an IB school, you still need time to engage in extracurricular activities. A school that is strict with after-class activities would objectively be ranked higher than schools that only focus only on class issues. Students will always need to break class monotony and activities like debating, soccer, drama and the likes would offer such a break.    With Singapore becoming an education hub and attracting dozens of international schools, it is time you get not only the best course but also a great school that will nurture your potential for future dream career. Hopefully, the 5 factors that make a good IB school will lead you into making an informed decision.  Derek Tan writes articles relating to education. Please visit Canadian International School for more information.