AC air filters: an important component of Air Conditioning systems


In a modern house an air conditioner is an integral part and so are the AC air filters so that the air conditioner keeps functioning properly and smoothly. These filters are important as they help in keeping the dust out and providing air which is clean and cool. Apart from improving the quality of the air indoor, these filters also prevent the dust from getting built up on the coils of the air conditioner which collects the dirt and dust. Filters are available in different sizes and they can be washed or they may be permanent.

If the filters are left dirty, it will affect the functioning of the air conditioner making the cooling ineffective and also it will have a negative impact on the air quality in the room. This poses health threats to the people living in the space and put them to risks for asthma and other allergic diseases. Therefore it is important to regularly clean the air filters as it benefits the health, environment and also helps in saving money. A clogged and dirty air filter decreases the air conditioners energy efficiency. The wasted energy pollutes the environment thereby adding to the greenhouse gases and thus contributing to the global warming. Apart from this a dirty air filter will make the air conditioner draw more energy and not cooling efficiently.

You can buy disposable air filters as well as permanent air filters. The disposable air filters need to be changed at regular time intervals whereas the permanent air filters need regular cleaning. The cleaning of permanent air filters can be done by a broom or a vacuum and it takes hardly ten minutes.

Almost every air conditioner requires AC air filters. It helps in removing the dust and other particles from the coils of the equipment that can cause the malfunctioning of the components of the air conditioner and it may not operate properly. They are available in varying qualities and the way they function. Depending upon the type of air filter you have whether it is a standard one or the Merv type it will help in removing the dust from the coils. The filters come in various types such as the media filters, plastic, pleated, washable and many others. CB Sales is a company that deals in air filters and they have clients buy in single pieces as well as in bulk form them.