Accidents do happen in spite of all precautions

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Can anyone in the world say with conviction that he or she would never have an accident? The answer would be a simple NO. You may take the maximum precaution in life. However, do you have any control over the actions of others? Their actions can result in accidents and you could become a victim. You could suffer injuries and thereby miss your income as well. How would you be able to compensate this loss?

We shall classify the accidents into two parts. One is the accident that occurs at your workplace during the course of performing your duties. The other situation is when you are not on official duty. The workman’s compensation can take care of the accidents suffered during the course of execution of your official duties. Your employer cannot come to your rescue in the second case.

Let us imagine a situation right out of the textbook. You are walking on the footpath of a road when a motorcycle driven rashly by a youth comes crashing onto you. You are not at fault at all. However, you are the victim now with severe injuries to your head and other parts of your body as well.

These injuries could leave you bedridden for at least six months. Six months is a long period. Your employer might not be able to take care of you for long. Under such circumstances, you have to approach the personal injury accident lawyer and seek his help in the matter. He would be the best person to advise you in such matters. He would give you a list of things that you should follow scrupulously. We shall examine the list in brief.

  • Other than your lawyers, you should not talk about the accident to anyone. In case your insurance company or its lawyers want a clarification, you should reply only after consulting your lawyer. You would never know how the matter might twist to your disadvantage.
  • You can inform your doctor about the claims. However, if you have to visit other doctors for treatment, you should give their names and details to your lawyers.
  • Keeping a record of your complaints and progress would be beneficial.
  • You should keep an accurate account of the loss of your income.
  • Your medical bills are very important. Keeping track of your medical payments is very important. As far as possible, you should make payments by check. You would have to add all these amounts while lodging your claim.
  • Exercise restraint and be patient. Such cases would take a time to conclude.
  • You should not hide anything from your lawyer. Concealing facts from your lawyer would be of no help to you.

Thus, you have seen that accidents can occur even if you exercise the greatest care on the Earth. You cannot be responsible for the actions of others. However, under such circumstances, as discussed above, you have to bear the consequences of the injuries. You have the law on your side. Your lawyer can fight it out in court for you.