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Asset Management 

Carnick & Kubik’s Four Pillars of an Optimally Structured Portfolio

  • Successful investment strategies are long term and strategic – but should be adjusted tactically based on shorter term shifts in economic cycles and market conditions.
  • Diversification through asset allocation is essential to optimizing the balance between risk and return.
  • Tax efficiency is a critical component of success as the return on investment after taxes is what truly matters most.
  • Fee minimization through the utilization of appropriate investment securities and other investment vehicles is imperative.

At Carnick & Kubik, we offer a comprehensive, fiduciary oriented approach to formulating a customized investment strategy tailored to your unique situation. Because our services are provided on a fee-only basis, and our advisors receive no commissions from any source, our investment strategies are 100% objective, impartial and always in our clients’ best interest.

It’s your money and we know that every penny counts. We ensure your money is working for you in an optimal manner every single day. Carnick & Kubik creates, monitors and adjusts each portfolio strategy in-house. This is a profound difference from advisors who off-load investment portfolios to third-party managers. By managing portfolios in-house, we are able to strip out a significant layer of fees for our clients while delivering an actively managed and customized solution for our clients. While we take full responsibility for directing your investments, it is critically important to be aware that we never have possession of a client’s assets. All portfolios managed by Carnick & Kubik are held by a third-party independent custodian – Charles Schwab and Company.

We have developed specialized strategies for those transitioning from the asset-accumulation strategy of their working years to the time of asset distribution in retirement. Empowering you to be a successful investor over your lifetime entails implementing effective distribution strategies when appropriate. We are experts at helping clients develop steady streams of income when needed, while minimizing unnecessary portfolio volatility.


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