Being Bald is Cool

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There are thousands of different reasons why men go bald, but the only thing that unite them all – they look gorgeous! No matter whether you are looking for a new style for yourself, want change your look coordinately, crave for experiments or simply want to hide natural hair loss process, this summer is the best time to shave your head clean. In order to do everything right, the best barbers in nyc created a detailed guide for you. Check out these three vital steps to embrace your bald dream.


Step # 1 Preparation is a must

Before taking a razor in your hands, make sure your hair is ready for this. What is your typical length? Well, if it is longer than a few millimeters, put the blade aside and take an electric shaver. Your mane should be short enough in order razor can deal with it. When it will be of a manageable length, you can start shaving without any obstacles.


Step # 2 Shaving as it is

You should use only high qualitative, expensive, new razor for this purposes. It is not the best time to stint, so be ready to spend an impressive sum for a good razor. Then, the story goes just like with your typical shaving. You have to use some oil or cream, to get smooth and easy gliding. Start a little bit above your forehead and move to the back, carefully cutting off every single hair.


Step # 3 Further maintaining  

After everything is done, wash your head with cold water and wipe off with a towel. You can also apply some after shaving remedy, if you have extremely sensitive skin. How often you should repeat this procedure depends on your organism and the speed you hair grow out again. You should not do it too obtain, or your scalp becomes red and irritated. In your everyday life, you are to maintain it just the same as your face: rinse with a water every morning and use soap from time to time.


Now you know everything you need to become bald. Follow our tips, and you will get your coveted look fast and easy.