Benefits of IB for Schools

International Baccalaureate (IB) is an international learning programme that over 4,500 schools all over the world have adopted. Since its invention in Switzerland in 1968, the programme has spread to other countries. With this establishment as an international learning programme, IB stands to be great for schools.   Now, this programme comes with several benefits for schools. An IB school is basically an institution that teaches the programme. Such schools have lots to benefit from the programme. They include: 1. It is a high-quality programme IB provides schools with high-quality learning experiences. Its international standards place it in a better position to be beneficial for schools. It all starts from the learning materials, support services, and educators. Any IB school is always monitored to ensure it follows the set standards of learning. Inspectors visit schools at any time without prior notice.   IB also offers credible examinations prepared by highly qualified examiners from all over the world. With such managerial efforts in place, IB is definitely a great programme. 2. Highly qualified educators Any IB school is always assigned teachers or say educators who have been specifically trained to offer IB programmes. These teachers have the required knowledge and skills to ensure they bring out the very best in students. The educators have access to career development opportunities through avenues such as conferences and workshops. Besides, being a teacher every day provides learning experiences for teachers while on the job. This way, they grow to be better at their job.   3. Collaboration in learning IB provides opportunities for IB schools to exchange information or share knowledge so there is enrichment in learning. Each school learns from the others and implements strategies that help foster better performance in schools. Collaborative learning also ensures that each school is on par with high learning standards. This provides uniform, high quality education.    4. The programme produces all round, competitive students Apart from academics, IB teaches students personal, emotional, cultural and social aspects of life. This way, they are not just intelligent in class but also in other aspects of life. Such students do well at workplaces, as they are able to work with anyone and perform to achieve set goals. They can handle the ever-changing, challenging, global work environment.   5. High College acceptance rates  An IB school stands a better chance to get its students accepted into colleges at a great rate. Being an internationally recognized programme, colleges are unlikely to pass on an IB student. Considering the high quality learning IB offers, most students are likely to get entry into great, popular colleges without struggling.    6. Cultural growth for schools IB is a global programme that uses three languages. It means students have a chance to learn a lot about other cultures through the exchange programmes. Such an opportunity molds schools to become culturally rich. This makes students better at associating with people from different countries. Even when employed in a different country, they will not have a hard time adapting to the new environment.   7. The IB global alumni network is great The network gives graduates opportunities to connect with other alumni. Such connections can help them get jobs, partnerships and deals. There is power in networking. The sense of belonging to a group makes many comfortable to come up with great ideas be it in business or for IB schools.    8. Availability of grants and scholarships IB produces competitive students who can work their way to get scholarships and further their studies. These scholarships are usually great opportunities to interact with more people at a global level and grow in life. The more the scholarships an IB school gets, the better its image. This gives incoming students a higher likelihood of getting subsequent scholarships and grants.    9. IB offers great programmes IB incorporates four learning programmes within its framework. There are primary years, middle years, diploma and career related programs. This ensures a child learns the same curriculum from preschool to diploma level. There will be no confusion along the way. This contributes to an IB school being great for several programmes and not just one. The fact that different programmes are available at one school makes it more attractive to students with different learning needs.    IB Diploma holders can become educators and help nurture students. If not, there are other jobs in IB for them. They will get first priority because of their familiarity with the programme.    Any school considering to adopt IB is on the right track. This programme will benefit students and the school in general. An IB school has a lot to gain from the programme and really nothing to lose.  Derek Tan writes articles relating to education. Please visit Canadian International School for more information.