Best Hairstyles for Men

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Men are acing the good-looking everyday-hairstyle scene. Some really good hairstyles trends have emerged and stayed through 2017. They are easy, slick and neat hairstyles. Let’s dive right in and take a look at the latest men’s hairstyles that can up your style game:

1.      The slicked-back look

This one is both suave and classy. Slicked back hair with denims and a white shirt or the trusty well-cut suit will ensure the spotlight’s on you, wherever you go. It’s the easier one to pull off among most of the men’s hairstyles. All you need is cleanly washed and conditioned hair, not cut too short and some styling gel.

2.      The skin fade

This men’s hairstyle has been a hottie this year. An extension of the undercut look, this one’s super slick! This style is achieved by cutting hair shorter as you move towards the neck. If you are game for some experimentation, you should definitely go for this hairstyle. This one sasses up both the western and the formal wear look.


3.      The man bun

This latest men’s hairstyle is a serious style goal for men with long hair, especially now that Jon Snow made is so very famous. Go for a half bun, a braided one, or even a man bun with some skin fade to boot. This is an easy hairstyle, and looks neat as well. This laid-back hairstyle lends oodles of charm when paired with a beard.


4.      The gorgeous  long hair

This hairdo is never going out of style. Be it curly, wavy unruly hair, or gorgeous, straight, soft hair, grow your tresses long, men! Plus, given the fact that it looks so good with whatever you wear—be it a kurta or business formals—there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be on your consideration set. One thing’s for certain though, care for it well and ensure it stays clean, soft and shiny.


5.      The faux hawk:

If you always loved the mohawks but weren’t sure of pulling it off, you can now go for a faux hawk. It’s wearing your hair with a spiked crown and cropped sides. This new hairstyle is easy, simple and lots of fun, and many men are rocking this hairstyle. This style looks superb with the new-age business dressing style of narrow pants and fitted shirts. You can of course sport it just as stylishly with your casual look.


Found the right kind of hairstyle that you would love to sport? Then wait no more, guys. Go on and experiment.  Find your best hairstyle that makes the rest of the year, an awesome one for you.