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Summer dependably flies by, however in what manner would we be able to as of now be looking at winterizing your pool? We've assembled our best tips for bother free pool shutting.




Begin by wiping out any leaves, earth, bugs, or different flotsam and jetsam. Vacuum the pool and clean the dividers.


2. Parity THE WATER


Shield your pool from erosion by adjusting the water. Alter the water science to the suggested levels of pH, alkalinity, and chlorination. Once the pool science has been adjusted, include the prescribed winterizing chemicals. In the event that you aren't sure what chemicals to include, your neighborhood pool retailer can help you!


3. Evacuate EQUIPMENT


Evacuate any stepping stools, rails, skimmer wicker container, divider fittings, hoses and cleaners. Spotless and dry them, and store them in a dry space. Presently is likewise an extraordinary time to store the majority of your outside furniture and accomplices to avert weathering.




Most winter covers expect you to bring down the water level 4"- 6" beneath the skimmer. Check the suggestions of your pool cover producer for subtle elements.




Ensure the greater part of the water is depleted from the pump and channels before disengaging them. You can utilize an air compressor to make sure there is no standing water in the framework. Additionally, make sure to evacuate the deplete plugs.


6. Secure YOUR PIPES


Utilize a wet-dry shop vac or air compressor to blow the greater part of the water out of your funnels. Firmly plug the fitting beneath the water line.


In the event that you pick not to clear your channels, you can likewise add swimming pool radiator fluid to the funnels to avoid solidifying. Wrap up by wrapping any uncovered funnels with a protecting material.




Swimming Pools might possibly be depleted totally. If not depleted totally, the water level ought to be brought down underneath the S.R.Smith Treo LED light and all water is depleted from the divider fitting and channel. On the other hand, the S.R.Smith Treo LED light might be expelled totally, the conductor cleansed of all water, and a 1/2" NPT male attachment with string fixing tape might be utilized to close the divider fitting.


NOTE - If water is caught in channel, harm may happen from solidify development.


Light Replacement Instructions for S.R.Smith Treo Light


1. Contingent upon your specific establishment, bringing down the water level might be required. Additional line may have been snaked inside the conductor or close to the power gear. Just open the light body in a 'dry' domain, over the water level.


2. Unscrew the Color Bezel Ring from the light body.


3. Unscrew the (6) six focal point screws to unclip the light from the light attachment as appeared on the Assembly drawing beneath.


4. Supplant the FLED-LAU (C or W) Lamp. Note: To guarantee dependable operation of your S.R.Smith Treo LED light utilize a veritable S.R.Smith LED light and seal substitution unit (part no. FLED-LAU-C or FLED-LAU-W). At the point when the light is supplanted it is critical to keep up the water tight seal by supplanting the "O" ring.


5. While reassembling the S.R.Smith Treo LED light, guarantee the "O" ring is sitting accurately and that the light keyway scores fit the lodging tabs. Supplant the (6) focal point screws and guarantee the screws are cozy yet not over fixed. Screw on the shaded Bezel Ring to the light lodging.


6. Bolster wire once more into the divider fitting or course if light was expelled from the divider.




There are numerous alternatives for winter pool covers... make certain you select one that functions admirably for your pool and nearby atmosphere. Take after the included directions nearly for the best fit.