Best SEO Optimization Techniques to Promote Your Website

SEO techniques have been used for many years now to help searchers find what they are looking for online. When people visit your website they do not fall upon it by accident in most cases. What happens instead is they search for a specific search term within a search engine and it brings up a list of service/product providers that meet their need. By use of keywords and other online digital marketing it allows people to narrow down their search to geographical areas and specific areas of interest.

Unfortunately the use of keywords has been abused by people that want to get as many people visiting their website as possible. To do this they used SEO techniques falsely using common keywords that had nothing to do with the service/product they were offering. This led to many complaints that the search results were irrelevant, which has led to their being a lot more rules put in place.

Another problem was that people were using keywords within articles and blogs to create interest that were either irrelevant or not integrated into text that people could understand. This meant that a lot of the site visitors would come and leave. SEO is much more than just packing a lot of keywords into a blog/website or page which is why getting expert help is the best way to improve your advertising campaign and of course reputation.

Using SEO techniques properly searchers are able to find what they are looking for and find the right page easily. It also means that website owners get relevant traffic to their site rather than just numbers. Compare it to visitors entering a store and then walking back out again without seeing what you have to offer and leaving right away to those that look around and make a purchase. A website is like a store and can only survive with funding from customers. If bad SEO techniques are put into place then the visitors may only be clicking for payment (PPC) or have landed on the page due to clicking a link that advertised something different.

Using relevant SEO techniques is the best way to gain custom and a good reputation. When used correctly the people that land on the sites are looking specifically for your service or product so are more likely to look around and make a purchase. Whether they purchase now or in the future it is still a sale that will allow your company to continue to purchase and sell stock efficiently. A good service is something that people will want to pass onto their friends which will mean that you can gain extra custom via word of mouth, review sites and social networking. This will in turn increase your placement in search engines making you more likely to be a person’s first choice.

SEO techniques

There are many different types of SEO techniques, some are good and will help your website to flourish where as some can be damaging and actually lose your place in search engines altogether as a sanction. The techniques are constantly changing to keep search engines a place where people find websites relevant to their ‘search term’. Unfortunately there are many people that use it to gain visits from anyone and everyone rather than targeting those that are likely to buy.

Use web analytics software

To find out how effective your website is at bringing in valid visits it’s a good idea to use web analytics tools. The reason for this is that you can find out not only how many people have visited your site, but what they did while there. If you find through the tools that the majority of visitors do not stay long then the chances are your SEO techniques need an overhaul. This works both ways and can also be effective in helping you find what is working for you so that you can concentrate on this to improve your service and increase custom.  Having goals in place at the beginning will allow you to see when an advertising campaign is flailing so that you can start a new one or find a different target audience.

Make your URLs SEO friendly

It’s a good idea to include keywords in your URLs as this can increase the amount of relevant visits you receive. Less is definitely more though as having too many keywords can be off-putting to potential visitors. One tip that many people don’t know is that when you use hyphens they are seen as a space where as underscores aren’t.

The importance of keyword research

Before you start your project it’s essential to research the keywords you intend to uses. This will allow you to find out the relative volume of a keyword in comparison to others which is what is important when you are looking for a keyword that will help your campaign.


When used properly a pay per click account can get you visitors quickly, but you should only use those that screen the clickers to find out what they do and do not like such as Google Adwords. This will help you to increase the people looking for your service. Using a cheap PPC can mean that you receive lots of non-relevant visits and even get banned from using the search engine for your website? An expert in SEO will know all of the latest rules to ensure your website is advertised without compromising your reputation.

Make your content readable

When using SEO techniques people often make the mistake of using bots to recreate their information and re-write it for numerous blogs and pages to increase exposure. As you are looking to sell your products or services to a human being you should make sure that any keywords added are blended into the content rather than added randomly. Bot created content can look unnatural and definitely unprofessional which can be off-putting. Remember when searchers see a part of your sites content underneath you site link they it can be very visible that your content makes little sense leading them to skip by and click the next link instead. Investing in a good SEO content writer/copywriter is essential if you are unable to create it yourself. Choose a human not a robot, this is what your potential customers want.

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