Best Short Hairstyles You’ll Totally Like

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Are you going to change a hairstyle and now look for some inspiration? Here you can find the best trends of this summer, provided by the top stylists at barber shops in Manhattan, check them out!


#1 Short textured haircut with a long fringe

High fade with a longer mane on top looks cool, especially if you ask a barber not to cut a fringe. It looks magnificent without any styling and special treatment and what is more important - it is suitable for any face shape.


#2 Medium length side part comb over

For those men who don’t afraid of styling and know how to use a hair drier, styling pomade and spray. Comb over is a classic hairstyle for guys who like to look stylish and cool, ask a hair stylist to make a side part to renew a classic comb over.


#3 Long fringe with a natural movement

Very simple in styling, such hairstyle will look good with any face shape. All you need is a little amount of a hair spray to fixate a flow on top. Use a blow dryer to style a mane effortlessly.


#4 Messy hairstyle with a high fade

A classic for this summer fade - is the best decision for men who do sports every day. It won't let you sweat and save you from a summer heat. Messy mane on the top makes this style unique and extraordinary.


#5 Low fade with a medium textured mane

Very simple and cool at the same time. Such haircut won’t bother you with styling and improve an outfit with an amazing look.


#6 Short spiky crop haircut

This hairstyle is more suitable for men with a thick mane. Fade on the sides, and longer top with a crop fringe looks amazing, especially if you mess up a hair with fingers.


#7 Long curly fringe

For those luckiest who has a curly mane, the best decision will be to grow it up! Natural curls look amazing, and with a fade, they won’t let you sweat.


Stay confident with any style!


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