Best Yammer Clone Script To Assit Your Business

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The internet has revolutionized the way we communicate with others or with the team. One of the most rapidly adopted forms of communication ever known was E-mail. But now, many of us e-mail instead of writing letters or even calling people on phone. People around the world send out millions of e-mail every day. But sometimes even sending email isn’t fast enough. Even you might not know if a person you want to e-mail is online at that moment. And also if you’re e-mailing back and forth with someone, then usually have to click through few steps. So by using the instant messaging, you can keep a list of people you interact with and you can text anyone as long as that person is online. There are handful of IM applications like whatsapp, viber, hike and many more, these applications made people to connect easily. But in corporate industries, businesses and workplace, still using only one tool to communicate with the colleagues i.e. via E-mail, where getting instant notification was not always possible. Yammer is one of the team collaboration software provided a platform where all project updates can now be shared and also some discussions. Though huge team collaboration software entered the market, only few of them have been successful in providing customers with perfect communication. So with several user friendly features and provisions for integration; ‘GroupRocket’, comes with the best team collaboration software in the market, also as a desktop compatible version for the desktop users and an IOS version for the iPhone users. This yammer clone script comes with the affordable price, lifelong free upgrades with 100% source code; this software comes as the turn-key solution for any business, no matter whether it is big or small. The yammer clone comes with so many advanced features like inviting new colleagues through Mandrill and registering at the software, users can set their profile, contact details, can set the status, profile pictures as well. Even this software notifies the user to their team members with a secure feature, the user gets notified about his/her work as well. Even you can share any message or documents at this yammer clone and archived for later use and the search feature allows any user to access a file from anywhere at any time using this software. Knowing the status of a person – Online or not, push notification and a list containing the recent activity of other users as well. Integrated with Mailchimp, DropBox, GitHub, twitter and stripe; the software provisions the feature to integrate several other applications as well through the provided APIs. There are multiple channels to send message private or public and maintain different conversation with various groups in one platform. The yammer clone script comes with the IOS and web versions, free life time upgrades and 100% source code at a effective price of just $999.