Choosing the appropriate Awnings/Blinds in Different Weather

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Outdoor Awnings and Blinds

The state of Queensland experiences different climates all over because of its size. Although the population still divides them into winter and summer seasons—where ‘winter’ is characterized by period of minimal rainfall and warm temperatures and ‘summer’ is a period of hot temperatures, high humidity, and a lot of rainfall—there can be stark differences between the climates of the inland and further west, versus the areas along the coastal strip. High-altitude areas along the south-east inland can also be different, often exhibiting subfreezing temperatures in mid-winter.

Choosing the appropriate awnings or blinds for your home or business traditionally depends on where you are located and what weather systems and climates you experience in your area. For example, retractable awnings and blinds might be more suitable for areas that experience strong winds than their fixed counterparts. Awnings treated with UV and fade resistant fabrics would be best for areas that experience a considerable amount of sunlight throughout the year.

But companies like Hunter Canvas and Shade have since aimed to move away from this hassle-ridden form of product specification and built their products to perform well under any climate. While there are still exceptions and there is still a use for multiple designs, Hunter Canvas and Shade’s products bear the designs that exemplify this new approach.

The company uses three multifaceted fabrics to accurately cater to the specific challenges of different climates.

Somerton Canvas fabrics are used when total shade from the sun is required. Also able to withstand other elements like wind and rain, these fabrics also offer high-level protection from UV rays, abrasion, and water degradation.

Somerton Acrylic fabrics offer balanced sun blocking capabilities, creating a translucent effect as an aesthetic option. These are also resistant to wind and rain. The fabrics are fully breathable and come in all manner of vibrant colours.

Aspect Awning Mesh is a type of fabric that is great for external blinds; being made out of PVC coated polyester yarns woven into a mesh makes them durable and semi-translucent. The versatility of this material makes it ideal for outdoor furniture and accessories as well, and like the other fabrics from Hunter Canvas and Shade, these are readily able to withstand the elements—perfect for outside use, whatever the climate.