Criminal Lawyers In NJ

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No one ever sits around waiting to be charged with a criminal offence. In fact, majority of the people spend most of their lives trying as hard as possible to get away from the wrong side of the law. However, it so happens that every once in a while there are situations in which you will be on the wrong side of the law. People from all the stations of life have had interactions with the law, whether they want to or not. In some situations, you are forced to deal with the law not by your own choice. For instance, a parent may be forced to deal with the criminal justice system as a result of his child being arrested or being involved in an accident.

At Garylord popp, we have a team that is the best in New Jersey. Our lawyers are experienced in various facets of the criminal justice system. They have been in Federal courts, state courts, as well as a variety of the justice correctional systems. This means that you can always rely on their experience to get you out of any situation you may have fallen for. At Garylord Popp, we boast of a team of attorneys that have experience in Municipal, Superior and Federal Courts all through New Jersey. In fact, part of our team members has been poached from the other side of the isle. This is including the two former Municipal Prosecutors as well as a Municipal Public Defender. It is this kind of mix that ensures we are always ahead of competition. With our unique experience, our clients can always rest easy knowing that they will be represented to the very best of their abilities. Our combined set of experience means that we have a mercurial understanding of the Criminal Lawyers In NJ. We use these skills to help guide our team of clients through the whole process. All the while this is happening, we ensure that your rights are diligently protected and that you are treated fairly all through the process.

What you get at Garylord Popp

The attorneys at Garylord Popp will help you file the expungements petitions to remove any of the records that may be sensitive from your record. With the scrutiny that goes on, especially in corporate America, it is important that your record reflects as little criminal activity as possible. If the records are not expunged, then future employers may get access to such and deny you opportunities. Our attorneys will always work to have the best done for you and produce the best outcome in any situation. The idea is to let you out of your pickle with as little “mud” as possible on your credibility and your name in general.

Garylord Popp has a team of professionals who will go with you step by step until this is all resolved. Our compassionate team members will ensure that your rights are upheld at all times while you are going through the criminal justice system in New Jersey.