Currency exchange at your finger tips

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It’s not necessary that the foreign currency exchange provided by your bank is the best. Defying the boundaries and ending the monopoly of traditional banks and currency exchange houses, new comprehensive online portals have come up to help the customers dealing with currency exchange. Forex online is a comprehensive platform that offers the best competitive rates for the currency exchange, transparent transactions without dubious charges and 24x7 hours availability. All the fishy factors are out of the bucket to offer hassle-free currency exchange to the customers dealing with foreign currency exchange. It caters to all the forex requirements of the customers, like: outward remittance, forex card and foreign currency cash. All these facilities are available at the finger tips.

We will discuss the role of forex online portal in the above three mentioned requirements:

Outward remittance

When your loved one is away in the foreign land, on many occasions you need to transfer money abroad. With the online portal, overseas money transfer is just a matter of few right clicks. You have to register yourself in the forex online portal and get yourself verified either by visiting the branch office personally or bank officials will come at your door step to verify the documents. After verification you can use your registered account for all the required foreign exchange transactions. Add the beneficiary overseas account and the purpose of transfer. Once the account is verified, you are offered best exchange rates on the desired currencies. After you choose the suitable rate, you have to transfer the required amount to buy the currency from your existing bank account through NEFT or RTGS transaction to the service provider’s account. Then click the transfer button and confirm your transaction.

Forex card

In this age of cashless transaction, an ATM card is the pocket friendly option. It makes your overseas travel easy, carrying cash or travelers’ cheque is no longer a preferable option. Apply it online and they deliver it at your doorstep. You can fill the required amount in your verified account and use the card as per your need. Single card for over 100+ currencies

Foreign currency cash

The host portal offers you the currency exchange ground for the best competitive exchange rate, once your currency is converted you can avail the door-step delivery options to get the foreign currency cash at your home.

Few benefits of the foreign exchange online service are as follows:

·       You can initiate the best transactionowing to 24x7 hours availability.

·       The online transactions are commenced within 24-48 hrs of the working hours.

·       The transactions are kept transparent and safe with one time password and verification codes.

·       It is the most convenient way, and can be accessed from any suitable corner of your daily life.

Money transfer abroad and currency exchange at your fingertips were unimaginable just few years back. The private and public sector banks are now proving to be the best companion in daily walks of life with internet banking facilities, ATM mushrooming in every corner and the customer service provider just a call away. Grab this opportunity and utilize it for your own benefit.