Designer radiators to provide maximum comfort

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It can become uncomfortably cold in many places in the world, especially during the winter months. You need effective heating equipment to become comfortable. The discomfort increases especially after you take a bath. You experience the same feeling when you enter the room after a stint outdoors. One appliance you could do with is the radiator. This equipment can keep the rooms warm and comfortable, thereby offering you the perfect kind of comfort from the cold. You have a range of designer radiators available in the market that can cater to your requirements. Let us look at the radiator technology in brief before glancing through a few radiator types.

     1. The Principle behind working of radiators:

This equipment works on the principle of radiation of heat. The radiator has a number of tubes / pipes through which you pass either hot water or steam. They transfer the heat from the water / steam to the atmosphere thereby cooling the water in the process. The cold water then passes through a heater where it is heated again and allowed to pass through the pipes. This process is a continuous one thus ensuring that the rooms remain hot and comfortable during the cold winter months.

You can also call this process as convection. Hence, the radiators are also known as convection heaters.

     2. Different types of radiators:

You have different types of radiators available in the market. Some of them are the simple vertical or horizontal radiators. You get stainless steel, aluminum, or chrome radiators. Depending on the materials used, they differ in cost and performance. You can place the radiator anywhere, even inside the bathrooms. In many homes, you have the central heating systems. They work in a similar fashion and use ducts for delivering hot air. Some of them have radiator pipes installed below the flooring. They are very effective because the heat the air from below. Naturally, hot air rises to the top. As the source of the hot air is below the floor level, it ensures that the entire room remains warm and comfortable.

You cannot say the same about the HVAC machines that blow hot air from the ducts located near the ceiling. This equipment takes a longer time to heat up the room.

You have a special radiator in the form of towel rails. You can install then inside your bathrooms. They can dry up a towel and keep it warm for you when you step out of the bath tub. Similarly, you can hang your other clothes on these rails whereby they become warm as well. Wearing warm clothes can give you great comfort in the winter months.

You have column radiators that can be placed inside the rooms as well. They can heat up the room. The best part of this equipment is that you can place them at the corners adjacent to the walls. Hence, they do not occupy much space and do not deface the walls as well. They blend beautifully with the other furniture in the house.

You need such equipment to provide you the comfort during the harsh winter months.