Dirt Bike Double-Sided Chock Will Allow You To Add Two More Bikes To Your Parking Space

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If you own more than one dirt bike you may find yourself short of space to park them. What with four wheelers and two wheelers encroaching on the parking space it could be difficult to accommodate the sports bikes if you have more than one and need to safeguard them from theft. The dirt bike double-sided chock will save the day for you as it would park the bikes on either side and save important space for you. If you are toeing the bikes in a trailer with limited space you can intelligently use the space by installing the double-sided chock on the bike rack and save space without upsetting other space requirements. All you need to do is to add the double-sided chock to the existing bike rack which is specially designed for docking dirt bikes.

The chock is able to accommodate different tire width including the wider dirt bike tires, and by installing the extra chock in the middle of the cross bar you can add one more bike to the assembly. With the front of the chock measuring 3 inches in width in front can extend up to 6 inches which is quite ideal for accommodating different tire widths. If you have a third bike you can always order a extended chock and fix it in the middle. The double sided chock can park dirt bikes on either side of the bar and can use the available parking space economically.

The Dirt Bike Double-Sided Chock is made of stainless steel and is powder coated so it is weather proof and can resist corrosion effectively. The chocks are custom made so it is convenient for you if you have different tire width dirt bikes to store on the trailer surface. You need to choose the cross bar according to the width of the room or trailer floor and fix the bike rack to the O rings fitted on the floor. The dirt bike double-sided chock can be fixed in the middle and two extra bikes can be added to the rack on either side. The chock is highly economical and you can made to order to suit your parking requirements and the manufacturers who forge these chock will use zinc plated quick release pins for your convenience.


This article is about the dirt bike double-sided chock and how the chocks allow two extra bikes to be added to the cross bar which will hold the bikes firmly in a standing position.