Do I Need A Marquee Or A Party Tent?


We are sure that this question has often bothered you while you plan for the party. This is obvious since the marquees and the party tents are cheaper than the traditional décor and they look sophisticated and glamorous at the same time. Marquees and the party tent hire are popular all across the world. With these you can let your imagination flow easily as there is ample scope to choose the décor items for the occasion. Our information in this article will help you in choosing the best option for yourself.

Party tent or a marquee- this is the biggest question for all the party lovers who go for marquee hire. Let us tell you that both are quite similar. A large tent used for festive or any private occasions are regarded in UK and Australia as the marquee while on the other hand the Americans call them the party tents.

The time doesn’t matter- since the inclusion of modern flooring and heating equipments have enriched the entire decoration of the marquee, you must not worried about the time and season of the year. Most of the event organizers sell marquees or tents in packages that include the heater. But if you are organizing the party in winter double check the heating machine to prevent any disruption in your occasion.

The type of tent you need- the most demanding type is the frame marquee. This is the convenient one since it doesn’t require any additional space and it will fit in any site. If you go for the traditional marquee or modern tension tent then make sure you have additional space for the guy ropes.

Size of the marquee- the marquees and the party tents come in different sizes according to the number of guests and the decorating items.

Things to keep in mind before you hire the marquee or the party tent- there are necessary things to keep in mind before you go to an event organizer. First you need to make sure how many guests you want to accommodate. This will determine the size of the tent. Are the guests going to sit or there will be section for the buffet. You have to think if you need any extra tent for catering service. If you are going to have DJ and a dance floor then the organization will be different from the corporate event having a reception. When you will be hiring the tent then ask the organizer about the additional facilities and the extra costs. Sometimes the organizers offer the marquees with the furniture, artificial floor, and the lightings in packages. Before hiring the package double check if the equipments are well to do with your party theme. Apart from all these make sure there is ample space for parking beside your party site, hire washrooms for the guests, talk to the organizers clearly about the safety gadgets and always think about the comfort of your guests. 


Marc has discussed about party tent hire in this article. He has focused upon marquee hire, which is a popular type of tent hire option. He has discussed the different types of tent hire services available for the reader’s benefit.