Eminem`s style transformations

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Can you guess what is the most discussable image transformation of this summer? One of Kardashian family? Taylor Swift? Salma Hayek with her bright pink strands? No! It is Eminem. One of the biggest stars of rap industry recently embraced thick, dark bristle and shared the picture of his new image in Instagram. Well, we should admit that this act chained attention of worldwide mass media to his person for a long time. His fans and ill-wishers discuss Eminem`s new look and probable reasons of such changes. Meanwhile,  hair professionals at famous barbershop in nyc decided to create an ultimate guide on Eminem’s hair history. Check it out in order to draw some inspiration and define for yourself whether you like his new facial hair or not.


Young Slim Shady and daring blonde hair

Colored blonde hair and Caesar haircut have become Eminem`s distinctive feature for a very long time. Thousands of his fans cut their hair short, trying to copy it out. In fact, Caesar is a very universal and easy to maintain hairstyle. Being extremely short it requires minimum styling efforts and the same amount of care products. As a revolutionary, he also changed the understanding of being blonde in those times.


Great recovery and dark mane

Even the Real Slim Shady has problems. After making a loud comeback Eminem appeared in public with dark mane and the same Cesar, but a little bit modernized. He added to his timeless haircut some shading effect, which is so popular nowadays, avoiding straight lines and parting. New hair color was like a symbol of his rebirth and liberation.


Rap God and dense dark beard

Nobody knows why, but exactly this transformation created the biggest resonance all over the world. Forty four  years old Rap God now looks mature and wise, comparing to young blonde Slim Shady. Do these changes are for better or no, it is up to you to decide, but it is foolishly to deny the fact that he looks cool and daring, no matter what the color of his hair is.


We are waiting for Eminem`s new songs, albums and transformations to discuss and inspire from.