Enjoy Your Vacation By Visiting Everest Base Camp Tour

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Everest is one of the popular tourist destinations in the world. On the summer vacation, most of the people visit the Everest. Everest is popular for its beautiful mountain peaks. In Everest, there is a lot of the place to visit such as Kathmandu, Lukla or Phakding, Khumjung, Thami and much more. Most of the visitors to the spot go with the trails, rides, and others. On the way, you have meals and snacks so you can eat whatever you want. The tibet tour provides the best opportunity to enjoy the wonderful mountain peaks and landscapes.
Visit famous destination

The dolpa trek is a most popular destination and it offers beautiful Himalaya’s scenery through hills, quaint village, forests and others. There are a lot of the destination to visit in Mount Everest such as Trekking adventure, Namche Bazaar, Nepal hiking team, Himalayan friends trekking, Nepal Trek adventure and much more. So you can choose the destination as per your choice.
Plan to visit Everest during summer
Everest base camp tour is popular choice to visit in Nepal that can be completed within one week. You can visit Mount Everest and its surrounding mountain peak. The April and May is the perfect time to visit Everest and you can enjoy the shrubs blossoming and tress in the summer season. It adds extra beauty on the surrounding and the post-monsoon season trek when compared to the pre-monsoon season because the wind and rain clear dust that blows from the terrain.
Before trekking preparation
The preparation of the before trekking to Everest should be adequate. You should take some obligatory elements such as warm clothes, hiking boots, ultraviolet sun-block and others. The visitors need to carry a lot of the things with them that helps to provide the best trekking experience.  You should carry the water-disinfecting drug that is available in Kathmandu. It will help to treat your water bottles that the visitors can fill the water bottles form the rivers, lakes, and others. It helps to save a lot of money on purchasing the water bottle.
If anyone plans to spend the night in open space then you can take the sleeping bag and most of the lodges offer the blanket. This blanket is not comfortable so you should carry the quality sleeping bag that provides the comfortable temperature at the minus degree. It helps you to enjoy the trip happily and also make the trip unforgettable.

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