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Your workplace is not just an institution which builds employer employee relationship based on exchange of labor for money, but also a powerful structure where professional life connects with social and cultural life. Your satisfaction, dignity, independence or self-confidence is very much dependent on how your work place treats you. Hence, to regulate your legal rights, since 1930s, the federal and the state government have enacted various laws which constitute the employment laws. To help you with, your realization, knowledge and assistance regarding your legal rights at your workplace, Gabroy Law Offices bring forth expert employment law attorney.

Our employment attorneys from Henderson provide legal assistance regarding issues related to discrimination, unpaid overtime work, pregnancy discrimination, wrongful termination, unpaid wages as well as representing employers at litigation cases, arbitration meetings and at mediation or administrative hearings for conflicts.

One of the most essential areas of employment laws is Wage and hour, which governs issues like how much the employee is supposed to be paid and when to be. Most of the states of US have minimum wage requirement, which refers to the lowest amount that the employer is allowed to pay the employee. The chief federal law dealing with wages and overtime work is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) which requires that employers should pay employees their wages including any kind of overtime payment they had earned. Hence, you being an employee cannot be entitled to harassments of unpaid wages, according to federal or state laws. Also, your employer cannot accumulate overtime pay and pay all at once. Our attorneys shall represent you regarding issues related to unpaid wage claims or if you are not paid your final check by your employer as well as issues related to your overtime payment. They shall answer all your queries regarding the rules of the state, how often you should be paid, the mode of payment, etc. She/he shall help you to see if your employer’s decision to exempt you from overtime pay is appropriate or not, or the exact time your employer should pay you your overtime pay, also helping you calculate your hourly pay rate.

Labor law concerning discrimination covers related issues like harassment at workplace and hiring or firing based on discrimination. Most of the federal workplace discrimination laws are enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) which is a federal agency. The chief areas related to discrimination that are prohibited are based on race, gender, age and disability or equal pay and wage discrimination. Gabroy’s discrimination lawyers shall evaluate your problems regarding any such issue faced at work place and our experienced and expert employment opportunity attorneys can represent you at each stage of the EEO process.

Similarly, if any employee is denied or terminated from a job for unlawful reasons, they are eligible to file a lawsuit and Gabroy’s expert attorneys dealing with such cases of wrongful termination from jobs, shall represent them in court. Our attorneys also have experience in dealing with situations concerning discrimination based on pregnancy issues. Firing pregnant women who form a protected group under the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, is unlawful and victims to such discrimination can file their lawsuit in consultation with Gabroy’s discrimination attorneys.

Hence, if you are facing these various problems at your workplace, you can consult attorneys at Gabroy Law Offices who shall represent you and resolve your cases.

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