Find a Truck and Get Trucks for Rent in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Other GCC Countries

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Logistics & transportation industry in UAE, Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries has huge gap between the loaders and the truckers. Usually it becomes hard for a shipper to connect with the trucker. Manual methods to find a truck in Middle East region are neither easy nor trustworthy. When you get trucks for rent, the trucker or truck driver remains an unknown person together with the helpers. It becomes risky to transport valuable goods through unknown truckers.

To bridge the gap of trust between shippers and truckers, trukkin techno-logistics cloud based platform evolves. Truckers and shippers can register with the platform. The platform, after a verification process provides them a trust pass. In this way a shipper can find a truck without bothering of trust worthiness. In the same way the truckers can find loads and give away their trucks for rent.

The mobile app provided by the platform shows the movement of the truck and exact location at any point of time. Even at any point of time either of them can communicate with each other. This platform simplifies a lot hassle of the transportation industry. There is no subscription charge for either party, as of now. The Truck for rent charge can be paid directly to the concerned party.

Technology has become a real help to the human kind in the current example. So far whatever hassle has been felt by the community, technology has solved all of them categorically. Find trucks near you by installing a mobile app or just through the website. Search an appropriate truck and just hire.

Truck rental charges depend on the distance, weight of truck loads and type of truck hired. High speeding trucks with a better mileage always cost more. For budget truck rental, Find truck service wisely. If a shipper has ten ton of truck loads then there is no need to hire a truck with capacity of twenty five ton. While finding a truck, a shipper need to consider, the mileage of the truck, security of truck loads and capacity of the truck hired.

Above all, shippers must verify the truck owner, truck driver and helpers irrespective of their source. Even trust pass may be provided by an unknown platform. Before hiring trucks, preliminary evaluation may help to the shippers. Though, it is not necessary. At least somehow the truckers hired can be trusted.