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Here is the good news for the people of Harrisonburg, Virginia. The most awaited Specto Art Space is coming to the town in the month of August, 2017. The art loving people of Harrisonburg now have an opportunity to explore and enjoy some of the best fine art photography galleries. Harrisonburg is home to Virginia's first Arts and Cultural District and is also the only Culinary District. The people of this place are very encouraging and the artists consider this place as their paradise as they get a lot of recognition in this place. The Specto Art Space is touted to be a different kind of gallery that focuses on giving the maximum opportunity to the artists to showcase their talent. This group strongly believes that art should be open to all kinds of people, whether it is a normal person who just takes art as a hobby or the most seasoned professional. The group is of the firm belief that every person is capable of making or creating something that is worth being displayed in the exhibition.

This is the most striking feature of Specto which shows high levels of commitment to offering opportunity to all those artists, photographers, digital artists, new media creators and others who are not considered by other exhibition groups. Any work that can be printed or show on the screen will definitely have a space in Specto. The intention of the Specto Art Space group is to create a no hassle atmosphere for the creators. The want the creators to have a pleasant and fruitful exhibition experience. The team would print, frame, hang and promote the art pieces in each show. Another added advantage is that the artistes do not have to worry about the shipping and framing costs. All that the artists have to do is to just pay the initial application fee and the rest of the tasks will be taken up by the Specto team. The entire process is streamlined in a very planned fashion because of which, more amd more people will be able to just focus on pursuing art creation. More number of people would be engaged with these creations everyday. As a part of community engagement, Specto is at present in the process of designing the Specto Slate House, which is a tiny mobile art gallery. Specto would engage communities, festivals, fairs, local schools and more. The ultimate motive of Specto Art Space is to make art available to anyone and everyone.


If you are looking to participate in a exhibition,Featured Artist Solow Shows,Art grant and surreal shows, then spectoartspace is the first art fair offering free exhibition space to independent artists in Virginia. For more details about art grants for artists and photography call for entries 2017, please visit us.