Five Advantages Email Continuity Offers to Businesses

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It is difficult to imagine business organizations function without emails. No matter how many alternatives for mails have arrived, emails still remain to be the dominant means of communication. A typical company receives thousands of mails on its mail servers each day, highly depending on the availability of the service. However, there are many instances when email servers break down and the entire email system is turned off for a few hours/days.

Time is money for business organizations and they cannot afford to have a failed email system on their end. Since they are so important it is also necessary that they are reliable and available at all times. Email continuity ensures this reliability and in this article, we will talk about its advantages in business organizations.

5 Benefits of Email Continuity Services

1.  Email 24/7

There will always be a backup email server linked to your email system that takes over the moment your main email server breaks down. This way you are not losing out on a single mail and not having any trouble with your work. The switchover is instant and once your main server is up and running, you can easily migrate all of the backup mails stored during the outage back to the main server. The entire process of email continuity is effortless and managed over cloud.

2.  Low Investment

In order to avail the continuity services you don’t have to make any major changes to your email system or make any high investments. There is no additional hardware required, all of your existing email IDs can be linked to the service and the number of subscriptions can be easily scaled up/down depending on your requirements. Rather than losing out on potential business due to server outages, making a low-cost investment on email continuity is a far better option.

3.  Frees your IT team

There are many other things that IT teams look after apart from emails. Every time a server breaks down due to resource outage or other reasons, the IT team must act proactively and focus on getting the server backup as soon as possible. Amidst these problems, it will be a major roadblock for the IT team to arrange for a backup service without any prior intimation. With email continuity in hand, they don’t have to worry about proving a backup service and solely focus on the main server.

4.  Easy to use

As mentioned before, email continuity services don’t need any additional hardware or software installations. You don’t have to make any changes to your existing email system and everything is automated. Even the updates and licensing of the service is automated, and licensing is done the moment activation is done. You don’t have to train your employees or IT team in particular to use this service as it is very user-friendly.

5.  Ensures productivity

Lastly, email continuity ensures productivity or no loss of work in a business organization. While regular employees have 24/7/365 access to their emails, the IT teams too can focus on more important things while being rest assured that the email system is always up and running.


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