Grooming Life Hacks


Having a neat and tidy look day after day can appear to be a difficult task for men. Regular shaving causes a lot of problems, irritation, redness and cuts. Sometimes, we do not have all necessary stuff at hand, so you are forced to use things you have in stock, or steal your girlfriend`s stuff. Our professionals at the best barber shop ny offer you three simple, but working life hacks every man should be aware of. Check out our blog and you will be able to improve your morning shaving routine and make it more pleasant and qualitative.

Tip # 1 Shave after hot shower

Taking a hot shower is always a wonderful idea. Hot streams bring you coveted relax and easiness after a long, hard working day. Morning shower can wake you up after a long sleep and boost your whole body, preparing it for long and fertile day. Apart from everything mentioned above, steam and high temperatures soften your skin and hair, opening inner pores, what makes shaving much easier.

Tip # 2 Ice against redness

If you have sensitive skin, you know that shaving always lead to irritation and redness. If it suddenly appeared that you run out of after shaving lotion, but your face is completely dotted with cuts and pimples, don’t worry, there is a way out. You just need to put an ice cube to inflamed spots and hold for a few seconds. You can also use a pea or some other frozen vegetables as wonderful anti – inflammatory treatment.

Tip # 3 Lip balm to hide shaving nicks

Do you know what happens if you hurry up while shaving? You cut your skin! This procedure requires calmness and inner confidence, but never a haste. Nevertheless, if you already have to deal with shaving nicks, use lip balm to hide unpleasant aftermaths. Its waxy texture helps to create a seal and allow a clot to form. If you don’t have your own balm, steal it from your girlfriend`s bag, she won`t notice.

Follow these tips and you will easily improve your shaving routine and make every single morning much pleasant and joyful.