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5 Easy to Follow Steps On Traveling with Wig


Who travels to a new place and doesn't want to take snaps? Nobody! Right? The camera is one of the must have things while on the road. And to take snaps, we must look ravishing and stand out from the crowd. A new dress, stylish sunglasses and maybe a classy wig can make the heads turn. But do you know hot to travel with a wig and how to handle it with care? In this blog, we will discuss five must-know tips for traveling with a wig.


Packing It Right

Wigs are very practical in that they are light and don’t take up much space. They can be stuffed and squeezed and here lies the danger. They can break. So to prevent damaging your new hair, turn your hair wig inside out (unless it’s massively styled or spiked – such as with the cosplay wigs), delicately curl up your wig or the plait (if long) and put in a hairnet. Now, put it in a proper zippable plastic bag to avoid moisture or at least put it in a (silk) scarf for protection. If your hair wig is near and dear to you, pack it in your carry-on. Or on your head. Just saying.


Keep It in Shape

If you are staying in one particular place for a much longer time or use your wig daily, you might think to invest in a portable plastic stand to retain the shape. When staying in the local hotels, you might want to get creative by using lampshades, edges of TVs or turned over ice buckets and the like.


Keep It Fresh

Nobody wants a wig that either looks like a typical wig or like a bad hair day. That is also right when you travel with a hair wig. So wash it carefully before you leave to get that shine down and invest in special hair care products. These are much different from your regular products, and you might not get them at your destination or wouldn’t wish to spend time looking for them. Fill them into travel size bottles and seal pace cling foil between the bottleneck and cap to avoid spilling on the flight.


Have a Safety Net

You should not take just one wig cap but always more than that. Who knows, you might miss it with all the packing and unpacking or just damage it? Better safe than sorry. And wearing a wig without a proper cap is not good at all. You feel your hairline is slipping away.


Don’t Forget the Extras

Bobby pins can be lifesavers and can change your hairstyle just like with normal hair. To get them travel ready and avoid losing them, pack them in tiny plastic zipper bags, a tic tac box or carefully pin them onto a little cardboard cutout. For styling, always pack a suitable wig comb or a brush and maybe even a travel-sized straightener to get those fuzzy ends out, get a curl back in or straighten your hair. 


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