History Of Rings

From engagement rings to wedding rings and eternity to commitment rings. Men's and women's rings have been around for hundreds of years, to signify togetherness and belonging. However, they have not always been thought upon as a romantic gift, as they are now. The wearing of women's rings used to signify that she was owned by her man. As opposed to it showing union, it was more of a symbol of possession.


Rings were also used as a social status, with the use of precious stones and precious metals belonging only to the very rich. Gold bands with multi-colored gemstones were extremely popular before the Roman times, during the Hellenistic period.


Both men's and women's rings (http://www.thejewelrysource.net/mens-wedding-rings/camo-rings-for-men.html)were often worn in excess, with history suggesting people often wore 6 rings on every finger to show their status and wealth. Eventually, however, this changed and jewelry pieces became more sophisticated. Leading, eventually to what we see now.


Nowadays, rings are very much a pleasure and a joy. How lucky we are to be able to enjoy the beauty and diversity of such stunning jewelry pieces. Rings are now used to represent commitment and love, they are a gift. When we get engaged, one of the first things we ask after giving our 'Congratulations', is to see the woman's ring. It is a big part of the occasion.


Finding a ring suitable for any kind of commitment, can be a challenge. The range available these days is so diverse, that it can be tough to know where to begin. Women's rings vary from platinum to titanium, traditional to modern and can now be unique to any ladies tastes.


Men's rings are also becoming more diverse, with the traditional gold rings still playing a huge part in the market, but items such as men's wood bands also playing an increasingly large part.


Until recently, men had much more limited choice than women, but items such as men's wood bands are turning that around and allow men freedom to express their style and personality through their jewelry too. This is another huge change in the world of jewelry. It is no longer purely about social status, it is about expressing yourself.


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Men's wooden bands offer a breath of fresh air from the traditional wedding bands often sported by men. The Jewelry Source also stocks unique women's rings, meaning the ladies can step away from the traditional wedding band if they so wish.


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