There’s no better magic than a swipe of lipstick. It can brighten up any look and take whatever you’re wearing to a whole new level. Whether you apply red, orange, maroon or purple, lipstick when worn right can do wonders for your look. Here is a stepwise breakdown of how to apply lipstick the right way…

When applying lipstick, the first step is to choose a colour that matches your skin tone. Depending on the occasion, it can be matte or glossy.

Before applying lipstick, start by defining your pout with a lip liner.
When applying lipstick ensure that the shade of the lip liner matches the lipstick shade you’ve chosen. If it’s darker, it will pop a little too much and look unsightly.

Here's how to apply lipstick:

Step 1                          
Line your lips with the liner and make a cross on the Cupid’s bow. After this, you can continue to line the outline of the upper and lower lip.

Step 2                 
Apply lipstick on your lipstick brush and fill in your lips with the colour.

Step 3

An insider tip to applying lipstick requires some compact powder to be applied onto your lips once the liner and lipstick application is complete. To do this, take a tissue, place it over your lips and dust on a dab of powder over the lips. After this step, take the lipstick shade and add a final swipe over your lips for a professional finish.