How to Become an Exhibition Manager

Before we answer the question ‘How to’ we should know what is of rather who is an Exhibition Manager. It is a sure fact that managing an exhibition or expo is not an easy task. Apart from studying it in theory we know that we need to have some amount of interest and experience in organizing events only then can we do such a task in a better and successful way .An “Exhibition Stall Fabricator” is the person who plans develops, manages and organizes events which may include museum exhibits, conventions and high profile trade shows.

Managing an exhibition is huge and can include tasks associated with marketing, budgeting, security and venue selection. They also have to contact service providers, find overnight housing for guests and look out for the floor plan of the venue. Sales activities are also included in this field. The days prior to the exhibition event the manager has to be ready to work for long hours usually in the venue itself.

So what is the basic qualification to become an Exhibition Manager?

Educational Qualification

A bachelors or masters degree is essential to pursue a career as an exhibition manager. The field of study may include Business Administration, Fine Arts, Design or Information Management. On the other hand, an aspiring Curator would need a Masters Degree in Museum Studies. Also to be noted here is that you can get a degree in Exhibition Company from Europe but you should be careful and find out whether that degree will be of any use in India.

Skills Required

Good organizational skills and excellent communication skills is a must for the job of an exhibition manager. Along with these you would also require excellent skills in writing and mathematics. Good nose for imagination and design is also needed so that you can create good exhibits in connection with art, trade etc. Not only communicating with a whole mass but inter personal skills is also very important especially for a person working in a large organization where communicating with your co workers is mandatory as you need to work in a team.

Career and Economic Outlook

Not many have a clue about Exhibition Manager being a real thing. With the growing demand for Exhibitions Stall Designer it is only right to think that the future for an Exhibition manager is bright. People with excellent management skills can definitely try for this and do something that they love in a more professional way.

 As mentioned earlier being an exhibition manager you need to have perfect skills to handle a whole even on your shoulder, interact with your team and use their ideas creatively to make the show successful. Apart from good communication skills you must also possess a spirit of team work without which nothing is possible. No event runs on a single person shoulder we need to use all the resources and same applies for an exhibition too.