How to earn Rs 2000 in share market on daily basis?

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Here are the strategy and technique will provide Rs 2000 profit to traders and investors on daily basis. Newbies to share market should understand the markets and learn paper trading practice before moving to actual trading because day trading is very risky for beginners.

How much profit the trader can make in a month?

If traders follow a simple strategy called Do multiple trades and take small profit which is explained in following subsection then trader can easily earn Rs 2000 To Rs 3000 per day.

The winning strategy for day trading is to Do multiple trades and take small profit.

Fundamentally it has been observed that many times traders lose money due lack of knowledge. For Ex – Suppose if day trader’s buying price is at Rs.200 per share then he waits for the price to go till Rs.204 or Rs.205 and then he will plan to book earnings, which is highly impossible on very common basis in single trade.

If you are expecting Rs.4 to Rs.5 as profit on share price of Rs.200 in single move then you are expecting 2% profit in single trade. So do you think it is convincing you? Our ****ysis says this doesn’t sound practical and this is the reason why traders lose money after waiting for long time.

Your intention is to earn money in a day, so just concentrate on small profits and do multiple trades instead of waiting to get huge profit in just single trade.

It is always recommended that to avoid the further risk day traders should keep booking profit wherever applicable because markets are always right.

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