how is mobile app development transforming the healthcare & fitness industry


According to a source, the global healthcare mobility solutions market is expected to cross nearly $84,818 millions by the year 2020. Both the industry and customers can expect a better, mobile-powered solutions for enhanced patient care, effective record maintenance, powerful data security, improved interpersonal communications and a resource file healthcare and fitness training and creation.

Such modifications have already been slowly revolutionizing the working and advancements of the healthcare and fitness industry. You might be wondering that the term "Revolution" has been attached to the upcoming technological innovations too copiously. But simultaneously, it is vital to see the technological advancements pertaining to enhancing mobility and finally revolutionizing the way users get hold of the information.

And such technological advancements are increasingly getting momentum in the healthcare and fitness industry since smartphone devices and ensure their customer market penetration. Until 3 or 4 years back, almost 80% of the practitioners and doctors by utilizing mobile devices or tablets for their work related activities. This clearly shows that the dependency of doctors or healthcare professionals on the mobile devices and these numbers are certainly going to witness an upward trajectory in the healthcare and fitness life cycle.

And the utility of mobile devices is just not restricted to the healthcare professionals and patients but also being used for a better functioning of healthcare life cycle.

From the past 5 to 7 years, mobile apps have been begun controlling the healthcare and fitness industry to a great extent. Fitness freaks are now choosing to stay fit by maintaining their usual life and getting good treatment for small issues via powerful wellness apps.

Extensive utility of mobile apps

We can distinguish the healthcare apps majorly into two parts. One is medical and the other is wellness. Nearly 15% of medical applications is utilized by practitioners and doctors and the rest of the 85% is wellness apps which are built to serve the customers or patients.

Medical apps

This kind of applications is specially built for doctors or surgeons. Utilizing the cutting edge technology capabilities of mobile sensors, they can determine the vital health issues. The results can be geo-located, shared with the fellow doctors, and synced with the patient database.

Wellness apps

The category of wellness apps covers several sub categories such as physical fitness and training, self-measurement, and testing, etc. This kind of apps allows fitness freaks to take steps by observing their health on a frequent basis. Some of the popular fitness apps are Sports Tracker and Google fit.


It is all about blending iBeacon technology with Smartphone apps to access location-based customer data via the geo targeting facility. iBeacon tells us location based information on the smartphone applications utilizing various approaches such as push notifications. It helps the physicians and patients in receiving correct information at the correct time depending on their geolocation.

Customized mobile apps

Nowadays, companies are preparing to customize mobile app development and especially pharmaceutical companies. Because they want to offer their customers and doctors with a high level personal and ongoing experience. Customized mobile health applications its users mobile history and present behaviors so that the app can provide a customized health content to its users.

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