How To Moisturized Hair - Four Tips On Preventing Dryness

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The sun, dry air, cold weather and wind can cause a hair dryness, but there are so many ways to moisture every type of dry hair so that it feels supple and soft. Try to follow these simple steps from the best hair stylists at hair bar with keratin treatment in NYC to prevent hair dryness.


#1 Nutrition

We literally are what we eat. The first thing you should start with is a balanced nutrition. To avoid hair dryness, try to drink more water and eat healthy food, such as avocado, almond, kale, cabbage and cheese. These foods are full with vitamin A, E and natural oils, which provide you with all needed minerals.


#2 Less shampoo

It isn’t necessary to shampoo your hair every day. Do these 2-3 times per week and it will be enough for your tresses to look clean. Try to make some different styles like buns, braids and so on, if your hair looks a bit dirty. If your hair becomes flat and scalp looks too oily, try to use a dry shampoo on your roots.


#3 Natural masks

When you wash, blow dry and style your hair using hot tools everyday, your scalp loses its natural oils. Try to make a natural mask combining different oils, such a coconut and cocoa oils. Mix needed amount (depend on your hair length) of oil all over your head and leave it for approximately 2 hours. After it, shampoo your head as usual and rinse with lukewarm water.


#4 Down the heat

Want to recover your locks? Stop using your iron and dryer. Can’t do it? Try at least to dial down the heat.. Many good quality dryers and irons have a temperature setting. Using a low setting on your tools will take more time, but your hair will look much better and supple. Blow dry your hair for approximately 80% and let it air dry. It is also advisable to give your hair a rest and forget about the hair dryer at least once per week.



If you will follow all the recommendations on a regular basis, your hair always look gorgeous.


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