How to prepare for IIT?

With just 5 months left for the IIT 2018- it is difficult to manage your time and study for the examination. IIT JEE is one of the important engineering entrance examinations conducted in India. I know most of the student has started their preparation from 11th standard. Even though you started your preparation from 2 years before it is difficult to crack the examination. The student can easily pursue an engineering degree from IIT with the best Coaching given by the IIT JEE Coaching in Chennai. This article will give you the entire information about the IIT preparation and the strategies you need to follow to crack IIT examination.

Preparation Strategies to Crack IIT

Know the important topics and mark split-up

Knowing the Important topics in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics subjects is important. Before you start your preparation know how the total mark is divided into various topics. From that, you may put more effort to study the concept which has more marks. This will help the student to increase the score in every part.

Track your Progress

The common mistake done by most of the students in their IIT preparation is not analyzing their performance. After completing each mock test the student gets stressed if they get less mark. Without getting stress try to know your strengths and weakness. IIT Coaching institutes in Chennai helps the student to know about their capability and motivates them to increase the score.

Time Management

IIT aspirants feel difficult to manage time for state board examination as well as the engineering entrance examination. The student may learn about time management while attending the mock test. You can prepare a proper timetable for your preparation.


Revision is important as IIT preparation. The students are suggested to start their revision before a month of the examination. During the period of revision don’t try to study new topics or concepts. Don’t get panic at the time of the examination. It will lead you to get confused on the topics. IIT JEE Advanced Coaching in Chennai is there to help the student in their preparation.