How to Simplify Company registration Cyprus

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 Would you like to start a business in Cyprus? There are specialized companies that can help you with Company registration Cyprus and that will simplify this process and make sure that you do not have to deal with unpleasant delays. You can also rely on the assistance of experienced Larnaca lawyers that provide valuable legal assistance.

Specialized companies provide an impressive range of services and their goal is to cover the needs of their customers and to come up with tailor made solutions. Cyprus is an ideal location for those who want to start a business and specialists in this field will make this process easy and straightforward. First of all, you have to provide a name for your company and it is best to have a list of three names that you prefer. Also, you will need a short description of your activities o that experts can draft the Memorandum and Articles of Association. This is the first step of Company registration Cyprus.

Next, you will need a registered address in Cyprus for your company and the company you decide to hire for the registration can help you with this as well. Moving on, you will need a secretary and at least a director. The director will have to provide passport copy, residential address, occupation, nationality, utility bills less than 3 months old and a bank reference letter. Having a shareholder is also a must and he will have to provide the same information. Provided you offer all the necessary information this process will be completed in 5 to 8 days. Company registration Cyprus is quite easy when you rely on the help of specialists in this field.

After you register your company you will still need legal help that will support the growth of your company. There are experienced Larnaca lawyers that provide custom made solutions and can assist you with: setting up a business in Cyprus, preparing legal contracts and agreements, Articles of Association, sample letterheads, sales contracts, maintenance of Statutory records and many other things. If you are serious about running a successful business in Cyprus you will need legal assistance. It is recommended to hire a reputed company that will be by your side every step and that will advise you regarding your legal matters.

You can rely on the professionalism and experience of Larnaca lawyers and you will be pleased to discover that they will help you with any legal issue you will have. The last thing you need when you start a business in a new country is to deal with legal problems. The good news is that you do not have to worry about this when you work with competent lawyers that will help you with your legal matters.Do you need help with Company registration Cyprus? We are happy to assist you and to put at your disposal a team of competent Larnaca lawyers.