Huge benefits for Shippers and Transporters in the Middle East region

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Advent of technology and techno logistics companies in the Middle Eastern region is come as a boon to the Shippers and Transporters. Shippers are reaping huge cost savings and Transporters are getting more business by leveraging the products offered by the techno logistics companies.


Techno logistics companies like Trukkin have created a market place that connects Shippers with Truckers. Shippers can get truck for rental using their mobiles phones or their PC within a few clicks. Shippers can choose the Trucks based on the price offered by the Truckers and quality of service that they have provided in the previous shipments. Alternatively, Shippers can get in to a contract with Trukkin to avail transportation services for an agreed price for an agreed period. Transporters can directly bid for the job or work with Trukkin for the price which is mutually agreed.


Trukkin is built using the latest cutting-edge technologies. The whole process, from registration and placing the order to making payments is very simple and easier to use. Trukkin app and web portal offers multilingual support. Transporters have the visibility of all that loads for trucks that the Shippers have. The multilingual support can help the drivers and the fleet owners to easily navigate the app and web portal even in their native language. The Trukkin app can be downloaded on both the Android OS powered smart phones and iOS powered phones(iPhone).


This is just a beginning. Shippers and Transporters will gain more and more as Trukkin continues to invest in technology to optimize commercial transport, and make it more efficient and transparent.