ILGA Specializes in Stampaggio articoli tecnici in gomma

Industrial rubber is barely the most attention grabbing subjects of study. In the span of our our daily lives, our association with rubber are multitudinous nor especially remarkable plus it's unusual to actually experience somebody having a certain vociferous or up to date view of its manufacture , industrial rubber or rubber.

However, there is an incredibly interesting side to perhaps not just the manufacture of rubber but more so the array of applications that are usually unseen to which it lends it self. Industrial rubber is is certainly an extremely essential materials in the facilitation of processes that are several.

Since 1946, ILGA has been specializing in rubber processing and all industrial apps as well as the passion and commitment, technical expertise through the duration of these 7-0 years of service has make ILGA a cutting-edge business in the production of technical rubber articles.

ILGA carry out verification and accurate process control to ensure uniformity and consistency of supply in the manufacturing of rubber compounds and use good quality elastomers and auxiliary. To receive more information on Stampaggio articoli tecnici in gomma please head to

ILGA reaches the service of several large companies like in mechanical, chemical, food and wine the machinery sectors, and hydraulic plant. It deals together with the manufacturing of stampaggio articoli tecnici in gomma using various kinds of polymers, together with the possibility of insertions that are textile and metallic or with rubber- rubber and steel bonding -cloth.