Indians in Sydney - 8 Suburbs where Indians live in Sydney

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Sydney isn't solely business hub for Australians. It is a significant entry place for several Indians migrants here. For numerous reasons, Indians select Sydney to settle down, for job opportunities, education, and health facilities additionally also for business opportunities.

India is a major supply of migrants for Australia as per the last year program. Before this, statistics in 2011 showed Indian-born migrants as third largest population cluster in Sydney. With this, some of Sydney suburbs are developing as Indian suburbs with major India born population. The growing population statistics trend indicates Indian-born migrants focused within the wider Parramatta space to settle their family and houses. Harris Park, Westmead, Parramatta additionally as well as Wentworth Ville, Girraween, Rosehill are on the top listing of Indian migrants. According to 2011 census report, Below are the 8 Syndey suburbs where Indians in Sydney live.

  • The Ponds

This residential district is settled within the North West growth passageway, forty kilometers far away from Sydney CBD in Blacktown government space Moreover as Hills District. In 2011 census, The Ponds had recorded the population of 2,932 Indians in Syndey.

  • Harris Park

When you come on the streets of Harris park, it gives the feeling that you are in India. Language, people, shops and overall the whole environment is Indian here. As a district of larger Western Sydney region Harris Park is located twenty-three klick west from Syndey Central city district and according to  2011 Census, there have been 5,072 residents in Harris Park among them thirty-nine percent of people were born in  India. Besides English, Harris Park residents speak Gujarati, Hindi, and Punjabi.

  • Parramatta

Parramatta is a special hub for Indians in Sydney, Australia. It’s the host town for major Indian festivals and cultural events. Parramasala is one amongst the notable annual festivals in Parramatta. It shows Indian subsistence in this multicultural country. This residential area is found on the banks of Parramatta River, 23kilometres west from Sydney Central Business District and it has developed as Australia’s next huge city. According to 2011 census, 21.5% residents here were Indian born Gujarati and Hindi is a major home language here. 20.1% population here were Hindus in 2011.

  • Westmead

It’s another fashionable Sydney residential area for Indians in Australia to settle down. Twenty-six kilometers west from Sydney Central Business District this is the Indian majority residential area. According to 2011 Census report, 30% of Westmead population were India born.Besides English, the majority of languages spoken here are Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, and Telugu. The foremost common religious affiliations is Hinduism.

  • Girraween

This suburb is located 30kms west from Sydney CBD. According to 2011 census, there were 4,693 residents in Girraween in which 17% population were Indian born.

  • Rosehill

Rosehill situated twenty-three kilometers west of Sydney CBD contains residential, commercial, industrial also recreational areas. With Indian born major population total 2,637 were recorded on 2011 census, among them Indian born were 13.2%, and the Indian language which is popular here is Hindi, Punjabi, and Gujarati.

  • Homebush West

Sri KarphagaVinayakar (Ganesha) Temple is famous in Homebush West.This suburb is located 16 kilometers west from Sydney CBD in the Inner West of Sydney.Here 14.7% of the population was Indian born according to 2011 census.Other than the English language, Tamil and Hindi are the major languages rooted here in Homebush West.

  • Wentworth Ville

According to 2011 census report, 19% population here were Indian born. Wentworth Ville is located 27 kilometers west from Sydney CBD is another suburb where most of the Indian origin people live.