Kindergarten Reading Activities

Reading is a great activity for everyone, not just for kids but also for adults! It opens an entirely new realm for kids, which is why kindergarten reading activities are important. These activities are invaluable both to their general learning and of course their overall growth and development.   Easy and fun kindergarten activities for reading will build their vocabulary and instill the art of language and grammar in them. With an improved understanding of words, sentence construction, not to forget spoken and written English, kindergarteners will have more confidence especially with their individual communication skills.     Reading activities come in a number of formats. This is to ensure that kindergarteners acquire a variety of skills and abilities while participating. They include: PRINTABLES These are presentations that come in worksheets from various activity books for kindergarteners. These worksheets are typically organized as per course progression.  They instill in the kids a number of skills including:   · Identifying both consonants and vowels · Beginning and ending consonants · The sound of different vowels and consonants · How to shape the 5 vowels...a, e, i, o, u. VIDEOS Videos work to help kindergarten kids coordinate their eyes and their ears in grasping what they have already learned. They capture the attention of the kids and help them effectively develop their skills, particularly in blending sound in order to read simple sentences and words. The videos can cover a host of areas including:   · Pronunciation of words · Shaping of letters - consonants and vowels · How to color items GAMES Games are also an amazing way through which kids can interact and learn a number of essential reading skills. The most effective game activities combine, visual, audio and clicking in order for kids to comprehensively learn. The activities need to be focused and short. The instructor can use items such as those listed below to create a learning atmosphere ,and group kids in respective units where they can participate under his/her supervision.   · Board games · Sentence games · Word card games · Spelling games LISTENING ACTIVITIES Listening activities are somewhat similar to videos but with much more emphasis on audio in imparting knowledge and skills. The instructor or the teacher can print out a worksheet with omitted segments which kids are asked to fill after listening to a selected audio clip on things they have formerly been taught. EXAMPLES OF COMMON KINDERGARTEN READING ACTIVITIES: Short Stories:  These are narratives that are effective for practicing both long and short vowels. The stories need to be very short, each approximately between 5 and 6 sentences so that they are absorbed with ease by the kids. As an instructor/teacher, one of the many ways that you can use short stories is that you can decide to print some stories, and then cut out some sentences and illustrations. Afterwards, you can read your story and subsequently ask the kids to rearrange it.   These can give you an indication of the overall progress of the kids.   What's the Sound? (Worksheet) This is one of the many available activities which help your kids learn the initial sounds of consonants in different words. This worksheet, in particular, is popular with teachers/instructors since it allows kindergarteners to familiarize with diverse initial sounds of consonants in words while also practicing the lowercase and uppercase letters in a simple and fun way.   A-to-Z (Worksheet and Song) Is your kid familiar with writing the alphabets (English)? This exclusive worksheet is among the many that assist your child in writing all letters in correct order. It comprises a simple ABC song, which when sang in full, will assist your kid in learning the alphabetic sequence and ultimately facilitate him/her in learning how to properly write each of them.   The Alphabet Memory Game (Card Game) This type of card game involves flipping the cards face-down and players get turns at flipping them over to find matching pairs. This activity helps the kids in learning the alphabet as they strive to match the alphabets which are provided in both the upper and lower cases. It also helps boost the child’s memory.     BENEFITS OF READING ACTIVITIES FOR KINDERGARTEN KIDS The importance of kids having a reading culture early on is the reason behind the  establishment of reading activities. They assist kids comfortably to steer through  their learning process. Moreover, they promote quick learning and  expand the kids’ thinking scope as they learn about many new things.   These activities promote the development of essential skills like vocabulary, spelling, grammar and even reading which subsequently improve how kids communicate, aside from boosting their confidence.  

Simply put, kindergarten reading activities are fundamental to the academic growth of a child and establish the foundation of everything the kids will learn over time in the near future.

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