Latest Trends used in Java Technology

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Java 8 and planning already underway the entire 9M+ Java community is energized to the Java platform and ecosystem. New JVM languages explore how to optimize performance in Java-based systems. For enterprising the explores by the use of Java Embedded technology is moving fast. Millions of applications are developed using Java every day. Being a developers and employers java is the most popular programming language.

Microsystems have a significant change in a language as a java developer on the top of the latest trends and features to stay productive. Applications in java are dealing with multiple applications in Java. Mainly explained in this interaction with help of experienced developers in Java Technology. Open source projects along with some career path options for new java developers.

To learn java related latest technology any developer needs to keep up with latest trends. The most important changes are as part of latest features in Java language itself and before you proceed java related technology for almost 10 years and most of the things are same in java technology.

New Features in Java:

Java has introduced recent versions with powerful features are listed below.

Lambda Expressions: Java 8

It is a way to achieve functional programming style code for some specific type of problems.

Default and Static Methods in Interfaces:

This allows architects to redesign systems easily you can easily add method to an existing interface without invalidating all classes. Static methods can be added to a java interface for avoiding of utility classes.         


Garbage Collection:

The G1 was introduced in JDK 7 and designed for larger heap size requirements of applications. Default garbage collector is not found to become the default collector in Java9 for more info  Core Java Online Training

Asynchronous IO:

Latest recommended way to do IO in Java is using java.nio library for programming. Therefore many developers prefer open source frameworks Current abstractions are not easy enough to be used by inexperienced in asynchronous IO. Unwanted performance and code maintenance issues for Asynchronous IO is the reasons for many experienced web developers like Node.js


Below are some are frameworks in open source projects that play an important part of Java developers life.

Big Data Technology in Java:

Java is a leading language for big data ****ytics and map-reduce development. There two key open source projects to learn big data technology i.e Hadoop and Spark.


It is trending and leading framework in big data computing technology and map-reduce development in Java is very popular with the support of apache.


Apache Spark is big data computing framework which can run on top of Hadoop, Hbase, Mesos and Cassandra faster development and better performance which supports Java and many existing Java developers like MapReduce jobs. For more info Java Online Training Hyderabad

NOSQL Databases:

Large applications are developed using various NOSQL databases. In a database varies needs of the project, NoSQL databases are reasonable.


It is a main open source NoSQL database, JSON stockpiling and different advantages of scaling to a great degree simple to incorporate numerous java engineers are rapidly receiving it for REST web benefit.


Apache Cassandra is flexible NoSQL database that provides tunable consistency and popular choice for a scalable system.


An enterprise licensed NoSQL database and popular for extremely fast response time.

Relational Databases:

In spite of a considerable measure of buzz around NoSQL databases, a social database is as yet being utilized for countless. A portion of the well known social databases is recorded underneath.

MySQL Database:

Based on Github projects, MySQL database is the most popular choice for Java open source projects. Below snapshot shows the popularity of Post SQL database on Github open source projects. Read more Java Online Training

 C/C++ or Assembly:

The STL or any such thing, however, you should know how a PC really functions. You ought to see how memory work near the metal and have some thought of how compilers work. I might not have utilized MASM in years, but rather I've ceaselessly connected the information I picked up from learning it. As innovation develop all the more abnormal state and dynamic, understanding them at a low level really turns out to be more helpful when creating or troubleshooting profoundly adaptable, elite frameworks.


See, on the off chance that you don't know Git and haven't set up a GitHub record or two, you're late to the compelling and understood engineer party. You truly should've learned it a year ago. Obviously, in the case regardless you're utilizing. For more info Java Online Training Hyderabad