Lorna vanderhaeghe menosmart plus – What You Should Know

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Spirulina powder is basically a cyanbacteria that has high amount of protein as well as antioxidants. It is also rich in B-vitamins. It is mainly composed of amino acids and proteins. It is ideal for vegetarians because of its high content in iron. Also, it is suitable for pregnant women or for a person who has undergone a surgery or a person who needs to boost his or her immunity system.

What are the Benefits?

1. As stated previously, Spirulina powder is heavily loaded with amino acids, fatty acids and proteins and gamma linolenic acid.

2. It has high Omega-3. Also, it has omega 6-9s.

3. It has high chlorophyll that is very essential in improving immune system and removing harmful toxins from the bloodstream.

4. It is rich in bio-available iron. It is for this reason why pregnant women or people suffering from anemia are encouraged to use it. It also doesn’t cause constipation. Its nutrients and proteins can easily be absorbed by the body.

5. It is not only rich in proteins but also useful vitamins and minerals such as copper, calcium, iron just to mention a few.

6. It is rich in calcium. In fact, its calcium content is 6 times that produced by milk.

7. Clinical trials have also proven that Spirulina powder can treat allergic reactions as well as allergies.

8. It also contains phosphorus that is essential for teeth remineralization regimen.

Recent research has proven that,Spirulina powdercan also be used for radiation therapy since it can bid together with radioactive isotopes. Moreover, it can also remove metals in bloodstream by binding with them. Another common benefit of Spirulina powderis burning of excessive calories during workouts or exercise. It also helps in relieving pains in the joints including other inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

The organic Spirulina powder is the most effective because a number of them may contain nitrate compounds or may be contaminated. For it to work effectively, you should take 2 teaspoons daily. But if you’re sick, pregnant or you’ve exposed yourself to radiation, you should add 2 tablespoons. You need to mix it with water and shake well then drink.

Tips for Buying Spirulina powder

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