Is My Kid Ready For Kindergarten?

Whether to enrol your young one in kindergarten can be a huge decision for most parents. Most kids start at age 3, but that does not mean your little one is ready for preschool when he hits that age. There is no answer that will apply to each and every child. Each kid has unique character traits, and what might work for one kid may not work for another. Most preschools expect a child who is out of diapers and is responsible for his own personal items. However, these are not the only factors that parents should consider before sending their kids to kindergarten. Here are other signs that show your child is ready for kindergarten:   Is he responsible for his own things? When trying to determine whether your little one is ready for kindergarten, consider if your kid is responsible for his own stuff. Is he is able to go to the washroom by himself? Can he tie his shoelaces by himself? Being responsible can help your youngster make a smoother transition to kindergarten. With so many kids in a classroom and only a single teacher, each kid needs to be responsible for his or her own items. Prepare your child for preschool by having him practice opening his lunchbox, tying his shoelaces, and going to the washroom by himself.   Can he follow a structured routine? Preschool programmes have varying schedules which enable parents to choose how many hours they want their children to attend. When your child enrols in kindergarten, he can expect to follow a structured routine. If you have not been following a consistent routine at home, you might want to adopt a version of one before you enrol him. Pick regular times for your kid to eat, sleep and play every day. Work with your kid to help him transition into a new routine at home. This will help him to know what is expected from him when he joins preschool.   Can he follow simple directions? If your child does not do what he is instructed to do or does not get what he is being asked to do, he is probably not ready for preschool. It is so helpful to get your child to follow rules before he joins preschool. Kids need how-to-do-it kind of rules before they can start adhering to conceptual rules. Set 3-4 rules and clearly explain them in descriptive how-to-language. You should also break down your rules into age-appropriate steps so it is clear what the child is supposed to do.   Can your child handle separation? Separation is harder for some kids than others. If your kid is comfortable being away from you, he is ready for preschool. If separation is a problem, work on it before kindergarten. If your little one cannot stand the thought of spending a few hours away from you, practice mini separations a month or two before kindergarten. Overnight stays with grandparents are a great way to prepare him for preschool. Your youngsters will get used to the idea of being away from you for a long time in a safe, loving and familiar setting.    Can he get along and play with other kids? The transition to preschool will be easier if your kid gets along well with others. It is likely that your little one already interacts with other kids, whether with their siblings or through other  activities. These are all opportunities to pinpoint areas of interaction that require more practice. While no child will get along well with other kids all the time, there are numerous ways to improve these skills. Promote your kid's social skills by signing him up for kid-friendly activities in your area. During these activities, encourage the child to share, express himself and  follow simple rules.   Can the youngster sit still in a classroom? While children entering preschool are not expected to sit down for hours, they should have the ability to sit for a certain period of time. One of the toughest things for kids to master is how to behave appropriately. If your child has difficulty controlling his activity level, you need to train him to sit still before he enrolls in preschool. Practice sitting still and quietly by taking him to a public place such as a library storytelling event. A majority of library staff are well-trained and know how to modify the stories to benefit kids’ learning.  

There you have it! Signs that your child is ready for preschool. Bear in mind that every kid is different. While some kids can be ready at two years of age, others might take up to four years. We hope this article will help you determine the right time to send your little one to preschool. 

Derek Tan writes articles relating to education. Please visit Canadian International School for more information.