Natural Grey Hair Treatments – More Than Just An Alternative


According to recent surveys women change their hairstyles and hair color more than 100 times over the course of their life. Surprising isn’t it? It is all to look young that we are constantly looking for more and better and natural ways to reverse gray hair. True, the latest trend of embracing the gray and white strands and going all salt and pepper for the ultimate natural look is going strong but that is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Studies suggest that more than 65% of women regularly alter their natural hair color over a period of one year. This is close to a 7% increase from the 1950s. We all like playing a little bit with color because it makes us feel good about ourselves. We try new looks and experiment with our appearance.


But the question is that do we have to do it at the cost of our health? You don’t have to be one of those A-Class Hollywood celebrities to be able to look young. You too can reverse gray hair without causing any more damage to your hair or budget for that matter. Synthetic hair colors and dyes are not healthy for us in the long run and we all know that. But the sad part is that we still continue to use them just for the sake of looking youthful in our later years. We need to realize that traditional hair dyes and coloring agents, including bleaches and those one minute dyes as well are all full of harmful chemicals. The increased degree of exposure further escalates the problems related to skin and respiratory functions. These can cause nasal irritation, and suppressed immune system, and in some cases even cancer.


What Are The Dangers Associated With Regular Hair Dyes And Colors?


According to studies conducted by various government-backed institutions and individual laboratories over 5,000 different chemicals are currently being used to make hair dye products. Some of these chemicals have also been reported to be carcinogenic in animals. Though many manufacturers claim that they have improved their dye products and eliminated numerous of those dangerous chemicals that were earlier being used, most still contain compounds such as the following:


  • Quaternium-15, said to release formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen;

  • Alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs), said to be a hormone disruptor;

  • Phenylenediamine (PPD), an irritant of the skin and respiratory system


Reparax – A Natural Way To Reverse Gray Hair Without Any Harmful Effects


You can trust Repaprax for reinstating your youthful look and maintaining it for a long period of time. This is an all natural gray hair treatment that has been formulated by experts especially to reverse gray hair to its natural darker color without any side effects. You will see a major difference in your appearance in the first few applications itself. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals, fumes and odors and irritation that pose lifelong dangers to your health. With Reparax you can gain your youth and luscious hair texture in a matter of days.