This is one way to surprise your kids studying abroad!

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Many of us have children studying abroad. We miss them dearly and we often look for ways to remind them that they are in our thoughts, we send them messages, we video call them & send them parcels with all their favorite packaged foods. But this article will give you one more way to make your kids smile and it’s so easy you’d wish you’d thought of it before. Wondering what it is? Well, it’s sending them money!

Now you must be thinking that this is such a cumbersome thing to do. Sending money through a bank will require you to visit the branch, fill forms and then anxiously wait for the money to be delivered. The other option is to send it with relatives or friends travelling to that country, which is not a very frequent occurrence. But, there is a way to send money abroad that doesn’t involve all this red-tape and tension, it is called forex online!

Yes, you can now send money to your near and dear ones with just a few clicks on your mouse and a couple of taps on your keyboard! It provides one with a simple way to make a thoughtful transaction and remind your children that they’re in your thoughts. Let’s understand how forex online works and what the benefits of sending money over the internet.

First let’s understand how forex online works.

If you’re thinking it involves a lot of paperwork, verification and mental taxation, well you’re wrong. It’s actually very simple and can be done in three easy steps.

Step one is registering yourself. To send money to your children abroad, you have to first register yourself with the service provider. This would involve filling up some basic information about yourself, post which a representative of the service provider would then visit your home to verify these details and that’s it, you’re now a registered user!


Step two is registering your beneficiaries; this would again require you to fill in some basic details about your beneficiaries. With leading online forex partner, you can add a number of beneficiaries and after you’ve registered the beneficiary there’s no need fill these detail again and again when you send money abroad.

Once this is done, all that’s left to do is step three, that’s sending the money! You can send money from any bank account in India to any bank account around the world in over 100 currencies!

What are the benefits forex online?

Firstly, it’s very easy!

No need to step out of your home or office, it can be done on the move and you don’t need to have bank account in any specific bank and neither does your beneficiary need to have one. Once you send the money, you can track it right till the time it reaches your kid’s bank account or doorstep. It’s one platform and one platform is all you need, making is very easy and completely hassle-free!

It’s available to your 24*7!

Yes, unlike a money exchange vendor whose services are limited to their working hours, forex online gives you the freedom to initiate the remittance process anytime you wish to do so! Even if you see a good exchange rate in the middle of the night, you can transfer your money to the service provider and the process will be taken forward as soon as possible.

Forex online is very affordable:

Unlike forex vendors and their thick margins, sending money to your kids over the internet provides you best exchange rates. That’s not all, the fee structure is made clear to you and what they say is what they charge you, there’s nothing hidden or undisclosed as far as commission is concerned.

Lastly, it’s safe!