Questions to Ask the Cheapest Exchange Archiving Provider

Everyday thousands of mails are circulated within a single business organization and day by day the mailbox keeps getting stuffed with newer and newer emails. Email systems are hosted on email servers and more the number of mails in an inbox, the server needs more bandwidth, power and memory to operate. Moreover, waiting until your inbox is not left with any space for new mails is a dreaded situation for most of the business organizations.

However, you cannot just delete your old emails as you need them for a number of purposes including compliance standards, legal issues and for your own usage. Email archiving is the best solution for situations like these where you can store all your old emails and retrieve them whenever required. If you are planning to archive your Microsoft Exchange mails and looking for the cheapest exchange archiving provider, this article is for you. Here is a list of questions you need to ask the provider to know if the archiving solutions offered for cheap are worth it or not.

1.  What services do you offer?

Just storing your old messages in directories that you cannot retrieve immediately makes no sense. There are many instances when you have to refer to previous emails, taxation and legal issues being the most obvious ones. Retrieval of emails is as important as archiving them and the provider offering the cheapest exchange archiving must be able to give you both the services. Otherwise, it wise to look for another provider.

2.   Will there be changes to the existing email system?

Secondly, ensure that there are no additional hardware or software installations from your end when you are implementing email archiving into your email system. Your employees must be able to use emails the way they did before, without any training required. If the provider expects you to make any changes to your current email system or install anything extra, don’t expect the cheapest exchange archiving to be really cheap.

3.  Are you complying with all the regulations?

Every business organization that uses emails is supposed to archive its emails and comply with regulatory standards like HIPAA. Details of your employees, customers and their email IDs are required at times and these compliance standards ensure that the organizations have the necessary information ready for retrieval. Thus, ask the provider offering the cheapest exchange archiving whether the email archiving solutions offered comply with all the norms.

4.  What are the other services you offer?

If the service provider is offering all of the above mentioned services for a cheaper price, you can also enquire about the other email services the provider offers apart from the cheapest exchange archiving. These services can include email continuity and email filtering which ensure that you don’t lose any emails and avoid spam respectively.


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