Raagreet: A New Platform For Hindustani Classical Music

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Hindustani classical music

With a clear vision to grow the awareness for Hindustani classical music, Raagreet has set up an on-line platform for the Young Masters, Masters, Grandmasters, Artists and Senior Artists of the musical arts to fascinate the world-wide audience with the peerless Raags which the artists hardly get a chance to perform.

Since Raagreet is a passionate aspirer and seeker of Music, the on-line platform endows loyalty and dedication to the rich tradition of Hindustani classical music also aspire to promote its cultural essence across the world.

Speaking on the efforts to promote Hindustani classical music, Sanchaita Ghoshal, one of the co-founders of Raagreet highly acclaimed classical singer said, “Hindustani Classical musicians and singers have played an excellent role in popularizing Indian music all across the globe. They have enriched the world of music and enthralled the audiences with their superior skill. Their soulful rendition has brought solace to many a hearts. Our goal is to promote Hindustani classical music through the availability of Raags on-line and organizing concerts every year.”

RaagReet will shortly be hosting Hindustani classical music concert which will undoubtedly be entertaining as well as enlightening. Hindustani classical music is the mainstay of RaagReet’s endeavor. Raagreet embraces features a large spectrum of artistes – mainly promoting up-coming artists that includes superior and living legends.

Some of the well-known artists which will be performing are Pandit Brij Narayan, Ustad Likayat Ali Khan and Sanchaita Ghoshal.

Raagreet seeks to encourage and support a growing number of up-coming budding musicians, as well as invite, from time to time, world-renowned musicians. A part of our vision is to support this ancient tradition and encourage up-coming budding musicians to keep pursuing their talent towards greater height. It thus invites everybody to support this endeavor.

About Raagreet:

Raagreet is a collaborative community effort by the classical artists Pandit Brij Narayan, Ustad Likayat Ali Khan and Sanchaita Ghoshal for other classical artists. The curative on-line platform endowed by Raagreet is where individual artists upload their music on the portal independently, and retain complete control on their works. Raagreet is the ideal destination for classical music aficionados, who like listen to or look for artists on the horizon, or revered masters of the art, hailing from diverse Gharanas and Angs, and to immerse themselves in their music.