Reasons to Consider a Knockdown-Rebuild

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Often people think that their dream home is going to be same forever. What we don’t realize is the fact that we can very much outgrow our homes, they may grow to be shabby and not longer suit our needs. While you can always renovate your home or sell it or build a new home somewhere else, but there’s a fourth alternative as well-knock down and rebuild the premises.

There is a continuous increase in the number of knock down rebuilds. Given the advantages of this approach it is an advisable option. Here in this post we are going to list the main reasons why one should consider known down rebuild.

It can save you money

One of the main advantages of knocking down your old house and rebuilding it from scratch is the fact that it can be more cost effective than renovating the old house. According to experts, it is not uncommon to see that sometimes renovation cost very much exceeds the rebuilding cost. Because renovation requires demolition and rectification it can be a lot more time consuming.

Less unfortunate surprises

When you are renovating your home, you are prone to get surprises that are often not pleasant. Whether those are leaky pipes or undetected asbestos or dodgy wiring, all these problems turn a simple renovation task into a nightmare which does not end soon. This is why many people prefer Knock down rebuilding as it is more cost effective as there is no uncertainty as with the renovations.

You get to keep your neighborhood

Not only financially, but KDR is also a wise choice in terms of lifestyle, as you get to keep the same neighborhood. If you are in need of a house that meets your requirements, but also do not want to leave where you live, rebuilding your old home can be a wise choice.

Rebuild where you love

Most of the nice places in the cities are already crowded and there is not much space available. Nobody wants to relocate to a place outside the city where vacant space is more readily available. The most viable option is to buy the property in your favorite location and tear it down to rebuild it as per your needs. However caution is needed here, as buying a house in city area can be expensive affair no matter how dilapidated the houses are.

You get a clean slate

With renovation the problem is limited options. You are forced to plan all the renovations around the existing structures. However knock down rebuilds allow you to build the entire premises from scratch on your own. You can explore as many ideas as you want and design your dream home. There need not be any design compromises because of the existing structures. This is both cost effective as well as less time consuming process altogether.

Therefore, if you are thinking to renovate your old house, you can consider a knock down rebuild because of the mentioned benefits. 


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