ROHO AirLite Wheelchair Cushion – Get Chance To Win Great Prices!

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Combines contoured, anatomical-shaped foam with a sealed Air Flotation component. The AirLite enables clients to sit comfortably for an extended time. Pre-set, sealed Air Flotation provides long-term comfort patients can count on long after other “foam” cushions have worn out. Air cushions are standard for comfort in wheelchair seating and their technology continues this tradition. Also provides support for basic positioning needs. The contoured polyurethane foam base is flame resistant. Cover is nylon spandex with a nonskid bottom of neoprene rubber.

Win A ROHO Cushion Now. Weight capacity of 250 lbs. By combining a contoured anatomical-shaped foam with a pre-set sealed Air Flotation component the AirLITE© enables users to sit comfortably for an extended time * AirLITE’s technology and design provides the comfort you want and the support you need
* Durable contoured foam with sealed air support
* Lightweight
* Fluid resistant
* Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
* 24-month limited warranty
* HCPCS Suggested Code: E2605

Product Benefits:

Adjustable to individual’s shape, weight, and position

Flame-resistant, black neoprene support pad can be patched to extend use

Allows the cushion to constantly conform and track movements of the body

Facilitates blood flow by fitting, matching and tracking the shape of an individual

All postural adjustments are made while the individual is seated, eliminating the need for transfer on and off the chair

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